RhonBob Promotions Salutes Frans And Cathy

Frans & Cathy seen At A Elvis Tribute Show in Las Vegas 2004
RhonBob Promotions is very thankful for our friendship and working side by side with Frans and Cathy for a long time.  Having my Inspirational column on his popular website has blessed me over and over again.  These two people are the hardest working folks I know.  They are also incredibly talented in singing, putting out daily updates of what is going on around the world and helping Indie folks worldwide with their fantastic website.  I still doubt they sleep more than 2-3 hours a night, as their minds and commitment to us ALL keeps them going strong.
Together Frans, Cathy, Bob and I have felt blessed for many people in our lives, and I want to at this point mention James Allen/James Allen Promotions. We 4 have worked side by side with James, and daily we pray for him.  James is going through the fight of his life with cancer and thankfully under Hospice care.  We miss him and know many others do also.  James hopefully you will see this, take care, trust God and know many of us love you & CONTINUE praying for you our very dear friend.
With the HUGE amount of emails , phone calls and cards Bob and I have received from DJ’s, artists, record labels, other promoters friends it is impossible to say thanks to ALL. But we are truly  grateful. 
Some of the DJ’s have chosen to honor our company and us, and we will pass this on in different emails. We thank them , as permanently retiring RhonBob Promotions is hard after so many years.  YES, family has always and will always come first.  That does not mean letting go of something we have passionately loved doing is easy, but God guides us daily in decisions.
I have sent this out worldwide, as our focus of writing it centers on the people we mention above, Frans, Cathy and James Allen.
We are blessed to have these precious people in our lives. Rhon and Bob Scheuerman

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  1. HI, YES, Frans and Cathy are really nice people with hearts of GOLD, they love their music and are always willing to help others. THANKS to people like them it makes things worth the while. WITH GREAT RESPECT and love for you guys.

    • Thank you Lientjie, Cathy and I appreciate your comment very much, and feel blessed to know that we have become friends with you and Pieter and your Line Dance group “The Rodeo Girls” It is good to know we freinds.

    • Thank you James, Cathy and I truly appreciate the few words you have written, and yet they may only be a few words but they are “HUGE” words, coming from a Superstar as yourself, Thank you

  2. Thank you so much Rhonnie we are so honored to have worked with you too, we cannot even begin to imagine what it is going to be like next month this time when there be no more RhonBob Promotions, mails and promotions going out all across the world. Maybe we will wake up tomorrow morning and this would all be a dream and your family are all in good health and James Allen is on Holiday in Mexico. However it is easy to dream, wish and hope for what we want in life but reality is what stares us in the eyes and therefore as the end of each day always comes, your time in this business has come with a mission and you have accepted the mission and therefore we all do too. Rhon and Bob, thank goodness this is not goodbye to you but only to RhonBob Promotions, thank you once again from Cathy and myself. To be honored by such a well know International promotions company as RhonBob is something that we would never have dreamed about a year ago. RhonBob Promotions you will really and truly be missed.

    • Dear Frans and Cathy thank you for your posting this on your fantastic web site. You are so right RhonBob Promotions may be retiring, but our friendship with you has not. I know August and September will be extremely busy with both our daughter , her move, her health, doctors, etc, but having her here will all be worth it. Seeing my brother with cancer often means the world to us, Never want to look back and think I should have been there at this critical time, and Bob agrees. I will visit when time allows, and I definitely will be doing co-writing (Maybe the lyrics in our car between Florida and Washington, DC. But thankfully it relaxes me, and I co-write with dynamite writers who sing great. I will whenever possible do my column on your site this is a ministry for me, and I love it.

      I have to repeat the artists we are currently promoting are the BEST. I admire their commitment to the music world, and yes I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF THEM, AND HAVE SPECIAL BONDS WITH THEM.