Allen Karl Talks About RhonBob Promotions

Allen Karl’s tribute and recollection of beautiful memories of one of the most successful and loved promoters in country music, RhonBob Promotions.

Today I’m very saddened at the news that Rhonnie and Bob Scheuerman of RhonBob Promotions have announced that they will be permanently closing their doors forever to the field of artist promotions. The 17 years of dedication, commitment and loyalty that they have given to the country music industry will always be second to none. I will hold their memory and the deep appreciation that I have had for their undying honesty and integrity that has become a breath of fresh air in the field of artist promotion. I will miss RhonBob Promotions more than I can say. My career has flourished because of their efforts and I will miss them having my back and pushing me forward. You know, many of you aren’t aware that a couple of years ago when Rhonnie announced that she was going to retire, I called her and asked her to stay. I told her how much I needed her and that I felt like a child who was being so beautifully guided by this wonderful person, and by her retiring, I felt she had let go of my hand and I felt very lost. After that conversation, I was happy to hear that Rhonnie reconsidered and decided not to retire and came back to promotions. We’ve enjoyed so many wonderful accomplishments since then. I was so happy to have her back. The beautiful gospel song that she had written, “Jesus Heard Every Word” that I recorded with Donna Cunningham, went to #1 on the ECMA charts and so many other charts worldwide. That Jukebox Has A Mind of its Own, Lonelies Only Bar and Butterflies all went to #1 on the ECMA chart and many others worldwide. Yes, Rhonnie was back as only she knew how to be. I will always love her for what she has done for my career and the way she always believed in me. Do I want to call her now and ask her to stay? You bet I do, but I won’t, because she’s right, family does come first and I honor that with all my heart. But Rhonnie and Bob, please know, that there will never come a time, when this old country boy doesn’t miss you, because in his mind and in his heart you will always be, the Best of the Best. I thank you both so much for the wonderful memories. With all the love for you both and best wishes for your family.

Respectfully, Allen Karl

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  1. I feel blessed to see YOU Allen Karl write the things below on Frans’ site

    I believe Allen Karl YOU will remain one of the true GREATS in the Indie music world. Being part of YOUR Promotional team has been exciting and I am glad that I have had the opportunity. Little sleep but lots of rewards as I try to come up with ways to excite the DJ’s worldwide to play your GORGEOUS songs. When you told me you was going to take my song, I literally cried with joy. I knew if anyone would do justice to the words Jesus gave me, Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham would be the ones. When you sent me the CD, I knew God’s hands was upon yours and Donna’s singing, the music and production , and God must be smiling along with me.

    Allen and Donna thank you for believing in “Jesus Heard Every Word”.

    Yes, life has many challenges, and when one is in the exciting world of music the pulls are many, and still we all have families that need us at different times.
    Allen thanks for understanding , and thanks to the over 1,000 people who wrote me beautiful words to take the next journey with Bob and family now. Very difficult when members of our family are ill, and MS and Cancer are horrible. I pray these illnesses will be wiped out, and people can have better health.

    To Frans, thanks deeply for putting this on your board, and I hope many will visit it and put comments, and read all the articles, see the artists ads, and realize the great service you do for ALL of us. God bless you Frans, and
    may God bless Allen Karl, his dedicated Manager Joseph Eder, the other folks I have worked with in the promotions of Allen and also Donna Cunningham
    James/James Allen Promotions, Mary Martel /Marty Martel Promotions, and Howard Vokes Promotions. To the worldwide DJ’s YOU are incredible, and truly embraced our company and our artists for many years. YES, YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN DJ’S.The years we have been in Promotions we have PASSIONATELY loved, and have made many life long friends as well. To God be the glory. Rhon and Bob