RhonBob Promotions Closing Down End Of Month

Rhonnie Scheuerman has issued the following statement to WHISNews21: RhonBob Promotions will permanently close it’s doors on July 31st .We made this decision after speaking to our daughter’s concerned, passionate and amazing Doctor in Florida about her MS (multiple sclerosis) condition. She needs us to pack her belongings & get her here to Tennessee with us by August. We will be going to move her from Florida and attending to her on a full time basis. This was an extremely hard decision for us to make, but like most of you we are sure you will understand that family comes first.

We also have my brother with bone cancer and also not doing well, he lives in another state and we want to visit him as often as possible as we are very concerned about him too, as are the doctors giving him intensive treatments. My brother is 10 years older than me, and was like a 2nd Dad while I was growing up.

So there would really be no way for us to continue with strong promotion of our artists  songs as we would be traveling back and forth to Florida and  Washington DC.  The attention and care for our daughter will take up the majority of our time. Sadly leaving no time to pay attention to RhonBob Promotions, therefore we have been left with no alternative but to permanently close RhonBob Promotions.

It is impossible to notify each and every person individually, as we have so much going on. We just sent notification to our artists first. We will let the rest of the industry know a little later on today. Our desire was to get this decision to our talented wonderful artists & you right away.

Looking back over almost 17 years, RhonBob Promotions thanks all the DJ’s for embracing us and out Artists, we are and will always be beyond thankful for that.

For now we will keep promoting our artists till the 31st of July. This will be a difficult time for our artists with this NEWS from us about closing down so your help with airplay for them would be most welcome and appreciated ! May God keep each DJ & your Family, in the palm of his hand. Any questions please feel free to email us! We welcome comments!

AGAIN WE REPEAT HUGE THANKS for being there for us and our artists thru the years..RhonBob


Rhon and Bob


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  1. Hi my Dear Friends
    This just came up on my screen 31st Ot
    Hope all is going ok for you
    I am 83 now still broadcasting my Wife had a major op Oct 18, after loosing her during OP she is still recovering. I’ve had 2 ops on both eyes. Maj Aneurysm,
    Age now telling my bones go softly
    Stewart DJ paddy

    Stewarts Country Roundup
    http://www.nzcmr. com & Gone Country FB

    God Bless

    • Sorry to hear all this Stewart, I can only hope and pray that you and your wife will have a peaceful life going forward free of pain and troubles, your friend Frans Maritz

  2. They were in promotion business almost 17 years – and they did very well: Rhonnie & Bob, called RhonBob Promotions.

    The reason for their success was not only that they have send out advertising about the artists they were promoting. The success was mainly based on their communication skills and on their ability to establish and to keep a close relationship to all the DJs around the world.

    Rhonnie has always included some friendly words, has always answered a private message, has never failed to support DJs in time of need, has exchanged little happy messages to cheer up everybody, who needed this.
    I have never experienced an unanswered private message or a request. Rhonnie has always responded – promptly, kindly and friendly. – even during the time when Rhonnie and Bob suffered very much because of their daughter’s and Rhonie’s brother’s health problems.

    In this cold, cold world of today’s music industry they have set an example for what a good promotion, a successful one is based on: communication and human relationship. They will be greatly missed!

    I thank you, Rhonnie, for all those little happy messages, for the dinner invitations, for the recipes and for sharing your thoughts with me. You have made me feel appreciated as a DJ who does a lot of work to support today’s artists. And from the comments posted here I can see that a lot of my colleagues around the world are sharing my view.

    I wish you and Bob all the very best. May God Bless You and give you lots of wonderful days with your daughter and the rest of your family. You deserve the best – as you have given the best to others!

    Hugs from Patty
    Radio St. Florian am Inn in Austria

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words, dear friend and co-writer, Rhonnie. We will always be “Forever Friends” and having been friends for at least 17 years, will no doubt still be co-writing until we’re in our 90’s, God-willing. We just have to stay young-at-heart in order to appeal to young people and hopefully God will continue to inspire our songs.
    I’ll sing as long as He gives me a voice worthy of the songs He inspires. I wish you and Bob the very best, praying He gives you strength to carry on with your choice to help your daughter. It is an awsome responsibilty but I know you both are ‘up’ to it! I surely will miss your fantastic promotion, but at least I know we’ll always be friends and will
    keep in touch. Sending prayers and wishing you both His very best, your FF, (forever friend) Judy Welden

    • Judy, I love our friendship and also our fun time of co-writing many songs together. Your words are very appreciated. Yes God has truly smiled on our friendship. I hope we write for many years to come. Will definitely miss promoting you, YOU are doing great. with hugs ff Rhon

  4. Rhonnie,

    You inspired an industry. You helped many. You wrote a huge song for me titled “Embrace The World.”
    You are loved worldwide. You respect all DJs and artists and now you say goodbye for very good reasons.

    You are a very classy lady and with The Lord’s help everything should work out well for you and family.

    Thank you BOB and Rhonnie,

    James Marvell

    • Dear James, very much appeciate your comments, and read it to Bob and he smiled and said James is terrific. We truly loved working with you. You have amazing talent, and a huge heart for people. You did fantastic with Embrace The World, and I still believe at some point it will be a true clasic. Your kind words touched me greatly. I pray for your Dad. Seems so many are having health problems one kind or another. You and your dear wife are great with helping your Dad. Do keep in touch, and may Jesus bless you both and also your top music. Rhon

  5. Dear Keith, reading responses, I see that the one I originally sent to you is not here, I don’t know why, unless I didn’t hit respond. Over the years Bob and I have known you , we have enjoyed a good friendship. We have attended different conventions where you were an emcee, or did wonderful things to help artists and promoters. I appreciate your comments, and glad that you took your time to respond to my article that Frans posted. May God keep you in his hand, along with your career. in friendship, Rhon and Bob

  6. Rhon i am so sorry to hear about your dear family but you have to put them first,, I think i can say for all of us we are going to miss you and i hope you will be able to keep us posted on how you are all doing.
    Hugssssss your friend from Israel.

    • Many thanks Sandra, very much appreciate your understanding the difficult choice we made, but I have always felt family comes right after Jesus. I have enjoyed our friendship , and at some point God willing hope in later years to visit Israel again and see you this time. I will keep in touch, hugs always your friend Rhon

  7. This is in more ways than one such sad news for me. Firstly the fact that you have so many family members that are so sick is such a terrible thing for you to carry on your shoulders. You and Bob will need a lot of strength to carry the load. If no one else is going to say this to you both, I will, they are so lucky to have you too caring people to take care of them. I believe that you will both be blessed for the enormous sacrifices you are making in your lives right now.

    Then there is little ole Cathy and me, how are we going to get through our days without those amazing emails we read on a daily basis and who is going to fill your shoes here in my little corner of the world. But I could never and will never tell you that you are making a mistake, as if it was my Son or Daughter I would have done the same if I could.

    I understand from your decision that things are serious and that the steps you are taking are necessary to be able to be there for your Daughter, even though she is very sick She really is lucky to have such caring parents.

    We just cannot tell you how much we will miss RhonBob Promotions.

    • I hear what you’re saying, dear DJ Frans. I wrote earlier to Rhonnie and she knows how sad I am about this
      decision although I totally understand it and know it is a necessary one. But one thing is for sure…. she’s done
      an incredible job for the past 17 years and will be blessed for this sacrifice for her daughter and brother. Even
      though she’ll not be promoting me or others, I know we’ll still be friends and will write an occasional song together. You are right… she and Bob will be missed by all who know her!! Judy Welden

      • So sorry to hear all this sad news. You are right on the money when you say FAMILY FIRST. If I can help in any way what so ever I am always here.
        Keith Bradford

      • Wonderful friend Judy, thanks for your wonderful words above. It has been great the friendship we have, and the co-writing has been a blast. I want to continue songwriting, as I can do that from anywhere. No time limits will allow that. It is a gift God has given you and me and I don’t want to waste it. I will be walking down a diffrent road with retiring RhonBob, as will Bob, but we always trust God to guide us. Ofcourse we will keep in touch, as you bring great smiles and friendship in my life….. hugs Rhon

    • Dear wonderful Frans and Cathy, you are amazing friends, and incredible with your fantastic site. I am very grateful for you putting this on your site. I will miss you both very much. Working with you has been great, knowing you has been even better. May our friendship grow and grow, cause in one’s life you just don’t let good people out of it, they are rare and bless you daily. Hopefully within a few months things will improve and I can visit the internet occassionaly, and keep up with dear friends. Right now back to work and keep on promoting our excellent artists. We officially close RhonBob Promotions end of July. I am thankful my column is on your site, and as time allows will write it. hugs to you and Cathy. Bob sends his best. Rhon