Hermann Lammers Meyer Too Old For Nothing ?

International Independent Superstar Hermann Lammers Meyer isn’t letting age get in the way of his having a good time or living a full life in his own way when he sings “TOO OLD FOR NOTHIN”, a new summer single from his Nashville Is Rough On The Living CD. Unlike George Jones who talks about what he does not need when his critics offer him a rocking chair in his hit song of I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair, Hermann turns his critics on their heads when he not only tells them what he does need, but he shows them! Yes, he can still hop on his motorcycle and go full throttle down the highway; or go camping in the rugged desert; or ride a bull; or catch a pretty girls wink or maybe even more than a wink; or hike up in the mountains; or cut a rug on a two-step dance floor; or even raft down some swirling rapids of a white-water river. No, he is not “TOO OLD FOR NOTHIN”. There’s no mid-life crisis here and no room for age discrimination. There’s just another great story-song told in Hermann’s distinctive style and backed by his usual great studio production and fine musicians. Ready for summer? Hermann is! Let’s go with him! It’s all about being young at heart and “TOO OLD FOR NOTHIN”. I’m ready!!! Here I go!!!

“Too Old For Nothing” available soon for free download at Wildhorse Entertainment for promotional purposes only for all the DJ’s and Fans of Hermann Lammers Meyer right now courtesy of Wildhorse Entertainment

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  1. HOW RIGHT YOU ARE Hermann, age is all in the mind. I learned that a long time ago. Eager to hear your new song. No matter how many hours I work, I always find time to treadmill AT LEAST AN HOUR OR MORE EACH DAY, , eat healthy, and have a ZEST FOR LIVING….BIG LOVE OF LIFE. Rhon