Music Industry Pays Tribute To James Allen On Line

You are invited to a special show on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 8 PM Eastern time in the chat room at Country Music Planet Social Network. We are paying tribute to a gentleman that has promoted many people in the music business. A special presentation by Jerry Mac & many folks that admire and respect JAMES ALLEN of JAMES ALLEN PROMOTIONS. James is currently under hospice care, but will make it to the show if at all possible. Many of his admirers and friends will be there & we will be talking about him and playing some of the music that has had great chart success due to James Allen’s promotion. If you are not a member of the network, become one. IT IS FREE. Follow the instructions below to become a member. It takes about 2 minutes to sign up.
You are invited to join our network by going to & clicking on Join Now.
 It is free. After logging in click on chat near the top right of any page at the network to get to our show.
Show will start at 7 PM Eastern with pleanty of great country music & at 8 PM we will pay tribute to James Allen.
After the tribute to James Allen we will play more great country music.

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  1. Thank you so much Jerry for making this tribute to our good friend James Allen possible. It is very clear to me that when I look at the comments already coming through that the amount of people showing interest in this tribute to a great man, that James has more friends than even he may have imagined. Like most people on this tribute show I have not had the privilege of knowing James for very long as our paths only crossed about a year ago. but that has been enough time for me to feel as though I have know James all my life. James for no reason at all you extended your hand of friendship out to me,and showed me that their is still good in this world. You are a International and respected Promoter and you treated me from the start as though I was a long time friend, that in itself was a miracle in this music business, and I believe it was simply because you you have a good heart and you are just a good person. You have so much knowledge of this industry we all work in, that I know that if you had to publish a book on your life’s work, it would be a best seller. . In my eyes you are a Legend in this business and in my heart you are a friend I will carry with me till the day I die. I will continue to hope and pray to our God everyday for a miracle in your life James as my heart is heavy and full of sadness for your pain and suffering. James as in the words of a famous song “I bless The Day I found you” thank you for everything you have done for this industry and for me James It is a great honor and a privileged to work with you James, and may you have more good days than bad ones,

    Your forever friend…Frans Maritz

  2. James Allen is the backbone of the promotion industry in more ways than one and for more years than most promoters I’ve known. I’ll be at the show to hear Jerry Mac and Friends pay tribute to a legend in Country Music, Mr. James Allen, a friend to many.

  3. Thank YOU Frans for posting on James tribute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the best friend any person could ever have !!!!
    Appreciate all you have done with him ! I pre recorded a message for James last week. I hope to be there for the show tomorrow evening I did the trial run this evening friday. 4 AM here ! Wrong evening… Ha !

    • Dear Stephen: We both have been blessed with James friendship, and getting to know what a terrific person he is. For him to have been so brave with cancer and the auto accident, he showed remarkable strength and positive attitude. He and I have worked together and I grew to appreciate and care deeply for James. He is dedicated to doing Promotions, and we have had a great mutual admiration for our working together. I know this is unusual for 2 worldwide promoters, but it really was easy for our goals were the same, give the BEST to artists, and turn it over to God. As you are one of these artists, we had fun bringing you to # 1 on major charts like ECMA. Now that you are overseas for most of June, may your singing and trip go excellent. See you tonight at Tribute for our wonderful friend James Allen. Rhon