Top 30 Chart Show Wont be On Time today

Due to Gremlins creeping into the Internet connections between Wildhorse Entertainment and NBRN.FM Nashville today, we have not been able to successfully send the show to NBRN.FM. We hope to get it there later today but cannot give any guarantees on that. Once the show is received by NBRN a decision will be made as to the broadcast time of the show. The worst being, that we may hold the show back till next Saturday but will keep you informed. We apologize to all the listeners and artists who have been looking forward to tuning in this afternoon, but we have tried everything we can, but the internet connection just cannot seem to stay connected long enough to get the show through — Frans Maritz thank you for your support.

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  1. Dear Frans, when you have done all you can, best to realize another day , another time when computer behaves. You all are so busy, so involved and doing so much for artists, songwriters, labels, promoters…take some time for you, Cathy and relax. We think you are amazing….but like all humans, you need “down time”. God bless you and all you do. Rhon and Bob

    • Thank you Rhon, time is a wonderful thing as we all have it. We don’t know where it is, or what it looks like. We have never even held it in our hands, felt it, or even caressed it, but it is there. Yet when it runs out we all know it without a single doubt in our minds.