Independent Artists Love Memorial Day Most Of All

With MEMORIAL DAY arriving at our doorsteps, May 28th, there are some strong Patriotic songs from our American Independent Artists! We are and will always be beyond thankful to those that have given their all for the freedom of the USA and the world, and those still doing it as we read this, in the Armed forces. America is equally thankful to all their Allies worldwide who help to keep the Dream of freedom alive. We will attempt here to list all the memorial songs that we are aware of below by Independent Artists, and apologize in advance if we missed some, but if we did this year, and you send us the title, the songwriter and the name of the song we will continue to update this page during the next few days and months running up to the next Memorial Day which God Willing will be in 2013.

NB… Please read comments from some great American’s after the Memorial Song List.


“America Cried”
Artist: Jerry Mac
Songwriter: AR Kessinger
“I Love America”
Artist: Keith Bardford
Songwriter: Carol Troutman
“One Nation”
Artists: Judy Welden & Phil Coley
Songwriters: Judy Welden & Phil Coley
“This Morning At Nine”
Artist: Gary Bibb
Songwriter: Rich Helton
“Let’s Make America Great Again”
Artist: Judy Welden
Songwriters: Rhonnie Scheuerman & Judy Welden
“The Man In The Navy Blues”
Artist: Marty Denton
Songwriter: Marty Denton
“We’re Waiting For You To Come Back Home”
Artist: Marty Martel
Songwriter: Marty Martel
“Sing Out America For Our Veterans”
Artist: Jose Daniel
Songwriter: Rhonnie Scheuerman
Artists: The Paul & Helen Mateki
Songwriter: Paul Mateki
“Nine Eleven”
Artist: Jack Hackworth
Songwriter: Jack Hackworth
“Same Colors as You”
Artist: Spur
Songwriter: Spur
“Sing Out America For Our Veterans”
Artist: Arlene Renee
Songwriter: Rhonnie Scheuerman
“Uncle Sam Needs A Helping Hand”
Artist: Marty Denton
Songwriter: Marty Denton
“Daddy’s Army Whistle”
Artist: Judy Welden
Songwriters: Judy Welden
“They Would Do It Again”
Artist: Jose Daniel
Songwriter: Rhonnie Scheuerman
Rhonnie Scheuerman RhonBob Promotions Comments: Dear Frans think this is a GREAT idea. “It is time, or maybe way past time for us to focus on those that gave their all for their country, as well as our allies sticking with us for freedom. The world is daily consumed with problems such as debt, jobs, losing homes, illness, and list goes on. To honor our past and present armed services and allies is most important on this weekend, and to go further keep those keeping our country safe in constant prayer”.I am very pleased with those we promote submitting songs, as well as seeing friends of ours doing the same.. Rhonnie Scheuerman/RhonBob Promotions
Paul & Helen Mateki from Texas Comments: Helen and I would like to thank all our service men and women around the world for their outstanding dedication to our freedom and safety and wish them all well on Memorial Day. We are so very grateful to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. May God Bless each and every one of them and their families…our prayers are with you all daily.
Judy Welden sends in this comment quoting from her good friend Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station: I am very happy and proud that Rhonnie and I co-wrote, “Let’s Make America Great Again”….. We love our country The USA, and want it to thrive and be led by God-fearing committed people. Many folks are losing their homes, others losing jobs and not able to find new ones. For our children and grandchildren we want the BEST for the country they live in, and for their future. Please listen to the words we wrote for “Let’s Make America Great Again”… Listen to the beautiful words Rhonnie and I wrote and making it easy for me to put my heart into this important song. We Care! Thank you and we hope that this song will in some small way inspire you not to give up on our Great Country, The United States Of America” For “One Nation” duet (co-written with Phil Coley) I’d just like to add that I am so pleased to have written lyrics that include the words “UNDER GOD” in our USA Pledge of Allegiance sung in this song, especially since these days we’re encouraged not to use “UNDER GOD” in any way, shape or form! Back in 2000 when this song was recorded, sadly, there was even talk then about not using the words “UNDER GOD”!! But I insisted on leaving those words there as an echo… as they are, after all, included as part of our Pledge and also anything or anybody worth mentioning truly is “UNDER GOD”!!!
Keith Bradford KMA Records Nashville Comments: Memorial day is very special to me and I must admit to all reading todays comments that I still cry every time I watch the Memorial Day Parade. It is without a doubt something I don’t think that I will ever, no matter how old I become, grow out of. I am proud to say that I served in Viet Nam and I love all my brothers and sisters in Uniform. You are to be thanked more often than once a year.
Marty Martel from BKD Promotions Comments: Today please remember those that we have lost over the years, who gave us this precious freedom that we continue to enjoy for our families, friends, neighbors, and all of our loved ones. So many gave so much for so long, by defending what our nation stands for. The price of our freedom has been very high, but we never back away from what we know our duties are to keep us under the one umbrella that covers our freedom for us. We are a special people, born and bred in the United States of America. Please take a minute of your time today, tomorrow, Monday, and everyday to remember all of our lost military men and women who gave of themselves to preserve this gift that has been our lifeline to the world. A prayer to ask blessings for those we have lost, their widows and widowers, and for all of our living veterans who help us to remember what Memorial Day means in our lives. God Bless Each of You.
Frans Maritz Wildhorse Entertainment Comments: I was not going to comment here as I do not feel I have the right to, but I feel inside me a feeling of hope and pride that America still has a sort of freedom which is still very alive in most Americans. It is also with sadness that I notice that many Americans take this freedom for granted and continue to join the forces of evil in planning to destroy the freedom of all good American folk. I live in a country where freedom is only a word and where a communistic government has taken away the freedom of all who do not wear their sign.  I put all my hopes and dreams of a better life in the hands of people like you, my friends, who still hold the American way of life high above the evil that lurks on the ground. For without your dedication and efforts to keep America free and close to God, we have no hope at all.

God Save America.

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  1. Hey Frans…just wanted to drop by and say how much Helen and I appreciated your comments about our Memorial Day…straight from the heart…cheers mate. Thanks also for adding our comments to your list, it sure means a lot to us. Your great hard work for all Indy artists is immeasurable and we truly appreciate all you and Cathy do for all of us.
    Take care, stay well and God Bless…PAUL & HELEN xoxoxoxo ♪♫♪

  2. HUGE THANKS FRANS…YOU HAVE HONORED OUR SERVICE MEN & WOMEN, AND ALSO BLESSED OUR ARTISTS & OTHERS IN INDIE MUSIC. As I look at the songs, and the comments I feel so many are truly trying to keep peace in the world, and realize what the USA and our allies forge ahead for. What beautiful and true comments you added below FRANS, our prayers remain with you and Cathy and your country…may God change your lives. You bless us all with your commitment to helping others, now it is time for you both to reap the blessings. Your friends Rhon and Bob

    • Thank You Rhon, your kind comments are like sugar falling in the coffee that Cathy brings me,while doing this work, and when Bob stirs it I enjoy every drop of it..Thank you