IDSS Artist Chari Miles Sees An Eagle Fly

Michigan’s ‘Country Sweetheart’ is one of our regulars at the National Old Time Classic and Traditional Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa. IDSS artist “Chari Miles” has been scooping up fan after fan on her country music road. She’s an American, and she’s proud of that. She’s not afraid to put her music where her heart is. She’s very strong in her stand on America, and she knows that something is wrong in America today, and she is going to make some statements about how she feels. The first song on this really nice traditional country music CD  “I Saw An Eagle Fly Today” is exactly what Chari is thinking. She was thinking it when she wrote it. She was thinking of it when she learned it for performances. She was thinking of it when she recorded it, and she thinks it still. This CD is just packed with some really great originals, all done in a super nice country-style. You know, that traditional style that is so meaningful as a music genre in America, and around the world. She also recorded some terrific originals by songwriting friend Bob Delleposta. All in all, that’s what this whole CD is all about. Making statements. Original statements. Statements about America, patriotism, love, nature, dreams, hurts, smiles, family, and overall totally….’love.’ See what I mean, it’s ‘real American’ country. Chari doesn’t tell us who the musicians are, but they are all super great, and play her music just as it should be played. Chari is also not afraid to espouse her Christianity. She even quotes Isaiah 43:1 “Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” And guess what, this same lovely Michigan country singer is donating $5 for every one of her CDs sold to the benefit of the rehabilitation of our veterans at the VA facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Yep, this is definitely “Michigan’s Country Sweetheart.” Do you suppose she goes down to the Vet’s hospital and sings for our guys there? I’ll bet she does. This overall CD is a super easy one to listen to, and I’m going to follow what her songwriting friend says in “Dream Big,” which is a really neat song, and certainly well-played by the musicians. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Chari even has a pilot’s license. Watch for a neat plane on the cover of this great CD. She did this one for with Keith Bradford of KMA Records Nashville, so we shall certainly be looking forward to a great follow-up to this one at KMA Records. We’ll be looking to see Chari in person at the 37th National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, Aug. 27-Sept. 2. More information about the festival and Chari at
Charie Miles, 5770 Maple Hill Road, Howard City, MI 49329
Chari Miles songs available for free download on Wildhorse Entertainment courtesy of KMA Records and Chari Miles

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