Ron Thompson Tells All, About That Old Collie Dog

Ron Thompson has just released a new country/bluegrass song on Nite*Sky Records. We asked Ron to give us the story behind the new song “That Old Collie Dog” and this is what we got… When I was a boy growing up my dad gave me a puppy, I guess I was around four or five at the time. That dog grew up with me and my friends as we roamed the hillside, creeks, and the area around our farm.  The dog was like family and lived to be around fifteen years old when he died. This is sort of the story that is probably common to most kids who grew up so this song is for the puppy dog you had in your childhood” Ron also wants all his fans to know that he appreciate all the great airplay and downloads that each of you gave him in the past several months on “Great Grandpa’s Whiskey Jug” and “Santa And The F A A.”

Well we will soon have a new Ron Thompson song available for free promotional download on Wildhorse Entertainment we are all keeping our fingers crossed that it would be “That Old Collie Dog”, you can however download “Santa And The FAA” right now at under our Christmas category.

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