Tim Pepper Plans to Collect 100% of CD Donations

Independent Superstar Tim Pepper send me a copy of his monthly newsletter in which he suggests what may be a good plan for the future of all Independent Artists, to make sure they get all the money they so rightly deserve to get for the sales of their music. It is a known fact that 99.9% of all Independent Artists spend their own hard earned cash on making their own careers work for them. The road that Tim Pepper has chosen below,  may work for some and for others, well it is always up to the Independent Artists to decide their own future and when it comes to their music they are in charge. The thought of being in charge of one’s own career is a wonderful thought, but the independent Artists also knows, full well that being in charge of ones own career, also means that there will be no cash advances from a recording company for future sales or cheques for advances on future royalties to get by on. Read the article Tim Pepper send in and if you have some time how about passing your own comments, even if you are already doing what Tim intends doing now, yes I know some of you are already doing just this…..Frans Maritz

For some time I’ve been searching for a way to make my music more accessible to everyone. After spending most of January updating my website I think I’ve found a pretty awesome solution. You can now download my Nashville, EP “alive in the ‘ville” and the album, “Beautiful Frustration” and a compilation of rare demos, “experimentals rarities acoustics” for free at www.timpeppermusic.com/music. I’ve also provided a PayPal “donate” button for those of you who want to pay for the music you download. The cool thing about that is you can pay what you will for what you want. Download as few or as many songs as you like and only pay what you think it’s worth. If you’re not ready to pay then consider it a freebie. The other cool thing is that every penny you donate goes directly into my PayPal account and will be used to fund my next album. There’s no iTunes or CD Baby or other middle man grabbing a share of your hard earned cash. So you can rest assured that you truly are supporting the artist you like and not some hotshot record label executive.www.timpeppermusic.com

I hope you enjoy the music and I hope you’ll share it. You know those ridiculous chain-letters that people send you all the time? Well don’t be annoying about it but send this column to a few folks who might appreciate some free music.That’s all from me

Tim Pepper also has many of his hit songs available for free promotional download on Wildhorse Entertainment

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  1. I hope it works for you Tim you have been working so hard for as long as I have known you, you deserve to make some money I do hope that some kind people will paypal you some well deserved money for your next album. Good Luck you are a true Independent Superstar and we at Wildhorse Entertainment are proud to feature some of your hit songs as free downloads.