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Dear Readers….. found the information below very inspiring, and uplifting hope you do too!!!!!!!
A young 7 year old lived in poverty in Africa. His father died and now there was only his mother and him.
At 12 his Mom died, and he went to live with his Grandma. He took care of this elderly woman with love and helping her as often as possible, in between going to school and trying to earn honest money whenever and wherever he could. He was a good young man with a pure heart.
The odds seemed against him when his Grandma died, and he found a dirt hut to live in and with all seemingly against him, he still had the
feeling “that he was a man of destiny” and wanted to make something of himself.
He prayed “Lord I want an education”- I want to change my life around.
One night he had a dream , he was walking to a big house and a man named Stanley invited him in. He felt so renewed that day he started
walking up a hill and saw a magnificent home with guards around the gate. He was stopped and one of the guards asked what do you want here. With great assurance and a youthful smile of be kind , he said loud and clear does Mr Stanley live here. The guard said “of course”.
The young boy said I must see him, I had a dream and was told by God to ask him something. The guard felt something strange happen to his usual gruff dealings and said “I will take you to him right away”
The young boy met Mr Stanley and said “I had a dream, and you were in it, I need an education , I am an orphan” With this Mr. Stanley got up and said ” I will send you to school, pay for everything your books and your clothes, as long as you keep your grades up”.
After school ended he was sent to a higher education school in America by Mr. Stanley, and the professors saw something very special about this young man. They marveled at his quick learning, special attitude of kindness.
From College he went on to Law school and then interned with a large Law firm.
***** He was groomed to become a Prime Minister *****
If this young boy could achieve so many blessings.
Trust God,
he has many stored up,
you need to believe, and need to pray BIG!
……God can open up doors for you, but you must be a willing vessel,
and believe that God can do it
……God likes when you ask for BIG things, don’t limit him!
….. IN 2012 believe, and achieve. LET YOUR PRAYERS BE BOLD”.
……So much depends on your level of faith.

Praise him with stringed instruments and organs

let everything that hath breath praise the Lord

Psalm: 150 : 4,6

Please come back , each week you will find inspirational messages here….. God is faithful! Rhon
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  1. Rhon people are in an out of your Station all day, usually coming in sad and leaving happy. The beauty of your station is that there is no toll to pay and no cost for a visit. Really a great place to hang out. The Inspiration station is a happy station.

    • Thank you, happy to hear this. I know many visit and forget to leave a message, but if only 1 is uplifted God’s mission is happening. hugs Rhon

  2. Thanks AmyBeth for your words, yes praise God and happy you are under God’s direction, thanks for reading, and leaving your comment, Rhon

  3. Thank you Rhonnie. During this time of life threatening auto accident, cancer, and other heath problems, God is leading the way, and I have never felt better about my faith, and when it is my time, where I will go. Thanks so much for the Prayer Warriors, and for helping spread the word of God and what can be done. Friends are abundant and I can’t thank you enough for spreading the word. So many wonderful DJ’s and others in the music business. Patty sending me beautiful poems, DJ’s constantly praying, and thanks to Frans for a beautiful place for others to talk both privately and aloud for others to enjoy. The word of God has literally saved my life, and taught me to enjoy one day at a time….
    Thanks Everyone…Enjoy Life, Help Others and what a wonderful world we live in…
    James Allen Promotions