Tuneville Xpress Finally Arrives at 3012 Hope Street

IT’S HERE FOLKS3012 Hope Street Compilation that’s right we have had so many problems this time getting this Compilation out. We learned a new phrase this month and that is: “The Blue Screen of Death” That is one of those computer geek terms we now know, and it means: You computer is dead, and you either have to buy another computer or spend a lot of money putting in a new mother board, etc. This happened to us not once, but twice this past week. You can beat us up but you can’t keep us down. We are still getting it out. So I’m sure this is going to be a major year for us. I know with the onset of our new website, and the new capabilities that we’re learning how to use, it’s going to give the artists we work with more visibility with more opportunities.

Anyway, here is the lineup of artists on this GREAT new compilation (3012 Hope Street): Walt Mills, Heart To Heart, Keith Caldwell (and HIS music lives on), Wanda Lee, Billy Gene Dickerson, Cindy Hughlet, Billy Sanders, Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham/”JESUS HEARD EVERY WORD”, Aven Grace, Billy Hale, Marsha Sue, Dewayne Cook, Sharon Joyner, Darlene Arber, Melanie Rainwater, Michael Ayers, Debby Toovey, Barbara Dee, David Nall and Joel Sebag (an incredible Pianist)

You can now go to www.countrygospelconnection.com scroll down on the left side of the page and click on TUNEVILLE XPRESS (www.tunevillexpress.com) then scroll down the left side of the page click on Sound bites Posted Compilations then click on 3012 Hope Street and listen to the artist sound bites and pick out the songs you want to download.

AND IF YOU’RE RADIO, go back to the front page of TUNEVILLE XPRESS and click on: RADIO ONLY DOWNLOADS This will take you to where you will need your USERNAME and PASSWORD
If you don’t have it, then give us a call at: 870-741-1407 or
 E-mail us at: cgchopestreet@windstream.net and let us know you need  The password information to get in. And while you are in the digital download area, feel free to use anything in the system. 

Blessings in all you do for OUR LORD – JESUS CHRIST,

Gene & Micki Farington

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