Wayne Jacobs Inspired By Allen Karls Jukebox

Wayne Jacobs who recently made the #1 spot on the Wildhorse Independent Superstars Country Download Top30 Chart show” hosted by Ed Dailey, shares with us a Country Moment taken from the pages of the Internationally distributed “UKCountryRadio.com” monthly newsletter with kind permission of Alan Watkiss

Good songwriters seem to have their inspirational radar switched on all the time. When Independent Superstar Wayne Jacobs saw Allen Karl perform “That Jukebox Has A Mind Of Its Own” live at UK Radio’s  Fourth Birthday Party last year, it prompted Wayne to write his very own Jukebox song. Now, just a few months later, Wayne has had a professional demo of the song, “That Ain’t My Ringtone”, made for him in Nashville. Watch out for another new song from Wayne, “My Texas Queen” which we will be featuring later this month.


You can find Wayne Jacobs #1 hit song “Tennessee Girl” on Wildhorse Entertainment as a free promotional download for all his fans and Dj’s worldwide.

A Wildhorse Entertainment  “Country Moment”

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  1. Hi guys thank you so much for this awesome write up about my country songs God bless, you have made my day.

  2. Great article on Wayne Jacobs being inspired by Allen Karl’s “THAT JUKEBOX HAS A MIND OF IT’S OWN”. FRANS you keep information going out every day and each one better than the last- HUGS Rhon

  3. Wayne, what a great compliment for both you and Allen Karl. I’m sure your are as fine a man as Allen Karl is, and what a pleasure to see a young, great entertainer inspired by a veternan like Allen Karl. May you have much success in this crazy, wonderful business. Would love to see you open a show for Allen Karl in the near future.
    James Allen Promotions

    • Thank you James so much for your kind comments.
      I would love to open a show for the Good Guy In The Black Hat Allan Karl now that would be a great honor.
      God bless you.