DJ Paddy Downunder Survives Deadly Virus Attack

One of WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio DJ’s Stewart Mc Ardle also known as “DJ Paddy” from Global Indie Country, has just been through one of the worst PC Virus attacks of his life. DJ Paddy is from Australia who has programs running on major radio station all across the world, from Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Due to this international service he provides he is constantly receiving mail from all across the world and somewhere between all those email the virus was waiting to spring into action and destroy Paddy’s computer. Paddy managed to recover from the virus but not without much damage and the one thing he was not able to recover was his email list. Paddy has requested that anyone who has ever contacted him in the past to please send him their information again, naturally the virus mail, is not wanted again.Paddy had some advice for all of us who have not yet fell prey to a computer virus, ” I say this to warn readers, many have been writing to me to change their address’s, because they have been hacked.They have changed their passwords as soon as they knew. If any one receives a message from any friend that seems suspicious, or not a normal message. Contact the writer immediately and enquire if they sent the mail or not. Suggest if that writer thinks he had been compromised, they should change their password immediately.”
Paddy will return to WHIR in the near future as he is now satisfied that he wont be passing any damaging information around. So you can look forward to more, Paddys Global Indie Country on WHIR, serving Independent, Irish, Australian and New Zealand Artists, World Wide.

Here is DJ Paddy’s new e-mail address:

Website 2:

Website 1 still active:

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