Bradford Files: Unusual Way Of Using A Cellphone

Unusual use of cell phone: Recently I produced a young artist at my recording studio.  While the musicians were tuning up I noticed she did not bring her lyric sheets to the session.  I had asked her to bring them because it is so much easier when punching in and tweaking the vocals.  She showed me her cell phone and said, “They are right here.”  She accessed her e-mails I had sent her with all 10 song lyrics.  The following day while in the vocal booth and working on MASTER vocals she simply placed her cell phone on the music stand and if she needed to glance down at the lyrics, they were right there on her cell phone screen.  I thought this was pretty clever.  The following week we were interviewing an artist on our radio station and when it came time to play his music, he informed us that he had forgotten to bring his CD.  We took a break while he proceeded to log into his e-mail account on his cell phone.  Once there he forwarded the songs we were going to showcase to our radio station e-mail.  Within minutes the interview was saved and the desired songs to showcase were on the air.   I am sure there are other unusual uses for cell phones that I have not been exposed to.  If you know of any unusual uses please feel free to leave them here for all to read about.

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  1. Keith you sure do get around on that chair, no wonder you have so much information available to share with us. Well please just make sure your chair is always powered up as we dont want you to get stuck in some remote part of the universe. Good luck on your travels and may the Files Always Be With You.