DJs, Music Industry Thank you for the Votes…I Won!

James Marvell says to all,
“DJs & music industry, thanks for the votes ……………… I won!!!”

James Marvell’s Special promotions team of Super Promoters RhonBob and James Allen added that they greatly appreciated you voting James Marvell winner of episode 3.

Raw Deal: the Reality Show was the vision of Jason Bing, an actor who has worked in the film industry for years. Like you, Jason has watched some of his friends and family members over the years get taken advantage of and decided it was time somebody did something about it. That time is now.
Jason’s experience and connections in the film industry has helped him create a reality show that has the ability to help millions. He has assembled a creative crew, actors, sponsors, prop and a large cast of extras to insure the success of this newest reality show.
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RAW DEALHelps kids fight cancer!

James Marvell a true Independent Country Music Superstar. His music is also available at for free promotional download.

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  1. Congrats, dear friend. I was pretty sure you’d win. Your story was the best and
    told well also. I sincerely hope it helps others who have been taken advantage of,
    not only in the music business, which happens alot, but also in all walks of life.

    Judy Welden