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In Need This morning during the Christmas Season


Our flag atop its tall post often it’s tall post often billow and whips in the wind swaying the edge of the Great plains.  From my window, I often watch the Stars and Stripes move against a sky of blue or gray or, sometimes, pink streaked  in the setting sun.  It’s then I feel drawn beneath my  outspread  wing-a wing promising   strength ,  , freedom, compassion, welcome.

One stormy spring morning a fierce straight line- wind struck the flag, snapping its pole and throwing it to the ground, where it lay in the grass, sodden and still.  Startled  by the strength of my feelings, I ran from the house into the ugly weather to pick up the flag and carry it inside. It took us a while to replace the flag pole the flagpole,  and until we did the flag’s absence was like a hole in the sky.  I was surprised by how much I missed it.

Finally, on a sunny summer day, the flag shimmied up its new pole, eager to fly.  Now from my window I can again  watch it gracefully lift and sway in the breeze, waving reassuringly  over the land and, I discovered , in my heart.

                  Lord, even as I look to our flag, I’m reminded that You reign supreme over all- Carol Knapp


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