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Author Michelle Arbogast: “The Collector”


Here in Alabama, snow storm isn’t an every day event, even in winter.  That’s why whenever one hit our town, my brother and I raced out back,
it’s snowman time.”  He said grabbing my hand. But we didn’t build a regular snowman- we grabbed items from around the house to challenge our creative energy.One snowman wore Jeff’s camouflage  hat and gloves’.  Another sported a toy car racetrack for a belt.  “Unique  is always better,” Jeff said.  No one had snowmen like ours.

Maybe that’s why when I got a place of my own and went shopping for decorations, I was drawn to a table of damaged, reduced items.  One little figurine was a baby snowman with a red knit hat and scarf, holding up a broken Christmas tree.  It dangled limply from the snowman’s stick-like hands.  At first glance he looked hopeless.

Jeff would somehow make this work,I thought.  At 25 cents the store was practically giving it a way.   I bought  him and  super-glued his tree. Good as new.

Over the years, I’ve added more misfit snowmen to my Christmas collection, 50 pieces and counting.  There’s a snowman salt shaker who somehow lost his paper pal, a tall andl slim snowman whose body is chipped: and round  snowman who whose white hat has seen better days.

Jeff gets a kick out of them!. Unique is always better, when it comes to collection, or one-of-a kind brothers..

From Rhon …….

My mother used to say to my brothers and me, 

“Be Unique”…. God made only one of you.

Don’t compare yourself to any one else ! 

Enjoy life and give it your all !!!!!


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