Good For You Travis… Country Needs Saving

TravisTritt001Travis Tritt Gives His Two Cents About Beyonce’s CMA Awards Performance

We Don’t Need Pop or Rap Artists To Validate Us

Everyone has a thought on last week’s CMA Awards, particularly the Dixie Chicks and Beyonce’ performance of “Daddy Lessons.” The legendary Travis Tritt took to Twitter a day late, to express some of his thoughts on the subject of pop music appearing on country awards shows.

Travis TrittThanks to everyone who came out to see us in Bowling Green, KY tonight. Sorry we weren’t able to do any Beyoncé for all the country fans.

FYI – My band and I are gonna try to work up Beyoncé’s “All The Single Ladies” for all you die hard country fans who love traditional music!

I want to know when the BET or SoulTrain awards are gonna ask a country artist to perform on their awards show?

As I see it, country music has appealed to millions for many years. We can stand on our own and don’t need pop artists on our awards shows. I love honest to God country music and feel the need to stand up for it at all costs. We don’t need pop or rap artists to validate us.

While the collaboration wasn’t my favorite part of the evening, (I think the Dixie Chicks cover Beyonce’s song better than Beyonce’, so as far as I’m concerned she could’ve stayed home), but I get why the two appeared together. The Chicks have been covering “Daddy Lessons” in concert throughout their tour. I think the CMA may have been going for another Justin Timberlake/Chris Stapleton moment, but fell way short…like…way short. Beyonce’ took over the performance.


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