Shania On the List of Highest Paid Women For 2016

2016shaniatwain001Shania Twain Makes Forbes List of Highest Paid Women in Music of 2016

Shania Twain pictured with Frans Maritz before the $27 million
Shania pictured with WHISNews21 before the $27.5 million

Shania Twain has made Forbes list of one of the highest paid women in music of 2016.

Taylor Swift ($170 million) was crowned the highest paid woman of the year.

Rounding out the Top 10 are Adele ($80.5 million), Madonna ($76.5 million), Rihanna ($75 million), Beyoncé ($54 million), Katy Perry ($41 million), Jennifer Lopez ($39.5 million), Britney Spears ($30.5 million),

Coming in just under the $30 million, Shania Twain ($27.5 million) and Celine Dion ($27 million)


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