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Author of Todays Story: Eric Fellman

We spent two weeks last summer with our son  Nathan,  his wife Jessica And

Our fifteen month-old grand daughter Ella Grace on an idyllic lake in New Hampshire


Grandma and Grandpa rented the cabin, and Nathan and Jessica   provided the granddaughter the perfect recipe for a magnificent vacation. Ella was walking everywhere into everything and just leaning using her first words.  With credit to Nate and Jess,Ella is about as happy, curious, friendly, independent and obedient as a toddler can be.  One of the best things they have taught her is to ask for help.  If a toy needed winding or a glass needed filling, Ella would hold it up to the nearest adult and say, “Hep”

One early morning while everyone was asleep she and I walked down to the sandy spot on the lake next to our dock.  Self-driven and determined, Ella was speeding ahead, leaving Grandpa to follow.  Along the way were obstacles: a closed door, steps on the path and finally a retaining wall near the water just higher than her little legs could manage..  at each one, without looking back, she reached her little hand toward me and exclaimed, “Hep”.

Sitting on the dock, watching her splash in the shallow as the sun warmed the morning , a thought came to me how like Ella I ‘d like to be.  She just started off into her day, knowing I would be right there when she needed me.  When a problem arose, she didn’t fret, whine or quit, she simply raised her hand and asked for help, fully expecting  I would have the ability to handle whatever obstructed her. Once past the obstacle she rushed ahead to the next one, confident I would be there every time she needed .

But You, O Lord, be not far off, O You my help,hasten to my assistance- Psalm 22:19



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