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“Among the Great Multitude” Author: Wanda K. Jones


One of the rewards of reading the Bible in its entirety is to see that our walk with Christ ends in joy and victory!  Through the eyes of the apostle John in Revelation 7, we see a God- given pictures  of the joyful culmination of our journey here on earth.

Over the years, as I have listened to the sermons of godly men and women and as I have sat under professors who expounded the Word of God, it was with joy and expectancy that I visualized the great multidude  that will eventually gather to worship the Lord.  The throng will be so great that no one will be able to count its members.  People “from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front  of the Lamb ” (Revelations 7:9).  Each time I visualized  this glorious  band of the redeemed , I thought, what, “Oh how wonderful!. I’m going to be among them”I still feel that way.  What a triumphant   future for every believer!/

Revelation 7 tells us that we will be rewarded by serving loving the Lord.  We have many opportunities  to serve.  In this land, and in many other countries, people are hungry and thirsty, homeless and with no one who really cares about them.  Others may be well cared for physically and finanially, but they carry many burdens both day and night,

Are you included among those who carry many burdens?  Or are you numbered in the throng of believers?  Will the final chapter of your life close in defeat or victory? If you have not yet asked Jesus to take your burden of sin, ask him to “wipe away every tear” (revelation 7:17 from your eyes to cleanse you in his blood.  Then one day you will be a member of that great  multitude that no one can number!

I hope and pray that everyone who receives this article, 

passes it on to family , friends, and all of the folks you can….Rhon

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