Discovery Joined By James Marvell & His Dad Sal

JamesAndDad001Discovery Joined By James Marvell & His Dad Sal

Book now to be part of Discovery’s final Mission seeking out DJ’s across the universe to playlist Artists on board’s Hit Songs

Discovery 13 is honored to have James Marvell’s Dad Sal on this Final Discovery Voyage. James decided that it would be wonderful to have his “Tampa (the perfect city for me)” which he sang with his Father shorty before he passed away included on this final voyage. Wildhorse Entertainment is releasing their final Discovery compilation for 2015 Friday December 18. All artists on board our final Discovery mission will be issued with a special certificate to commemorate its final mission. Discovery will travel across the universe visiting with all the DJ’s they have had the pleasure of meeting on their previous 12 adventures seeking out friendly DJ’s in the Radio Kingdoms they rule.

Discovery 13 had already booked the following Independent Superstars on this final mission, James Marvell, Larry M Clark, Keith Bradford, Mike Contoni, Frans and Cathy, now includes James’s Dad, Sal Marvell who sadly passed away last week, with their duet ‘Tampa (the perfect city for me)’

Discovery 13 has been booked to take off on Friday the 18th of December and must depart on that date. Therefore if there are any artists who would want to join us on this final Discovery adventure you must book your seat within the next few days. Payment is not required before departure and can be arranged later, but Discovery will take off in search of DJ’s no matter if we are half full or half empty. The time is now, we still have seats available just for you and you and you!

With only four seats open you need to book now if you want to be part of this final Discovery mission,

you only have 4 days left to do so for a donation of $75 a seat


All aboard Discovery 13 will receive a special commemorative plaque

To commemorate their participation on this the final mission

blasting off on December 18, 2015

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  1. Not only are these voyages very successful, the love and work given to them by Frans and Cathy is to be congratulated. My seat on this flight is shared with my dad Sal who passed away a few days ago but encouraged me throughout the years that if that day ever came, it was natural. His simple logic given to me in a spiritual treasure chest of advice and wisdom will probably take hold of my heart and heal it. The artwork designs by Frans on this voyage comes alive which sure helps me at this time of the year. Good to be on board going to the radio kingdoms of the world with my dad and all the artists as we reach all those friendly fantastic DJs! Merry Christmas to all.