Garth Brooks Highest Paid Country Artist On Earth

GarthBrooksAtlanta01Garth Brooks is the Highest Paid Country Artist

He ranked third on “Forbe’s” list of the World’s Highest-Paid Musicians of 2015 with $90 million.  The list is based on record sales, shows and other endeavors. Toby Keith came in at 16 with $53 million, followed by Jason Aldean at 19 with $43 million.  Luke Bryan ranked 20th with $42 million.  Kenny Chesney was 21st with $42 million.  Tim McGraw landed in the 24th spot with $38 million and Florida Georgia Line ranked 27th with $36.5 million.

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a Question for y’all from our in-house pest Mr. Joe King

“I was just wondering, if Garth is the highest paid musician,

can only a very tall person pay him ?”

Please Note:
Mr Joe King does not allow anyone to use his name but,
has agreed to allow us to use it free of charge as long as we don’t allow his brother ‘Mok’ or sister ‘Shok’ to visit with us.
We are not sure what Mok and Shok did to Joe but it must have been serious .



















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