Prince Harry rather Saves Rhino’s than White Farmers

HarrySavesRhinosPrince Harry Will Rather Save A Rhino Than a White Farmer

I am of the Opinion that most leaders of the western world have no problem that 100000 white people have been murdered in South Africa during the last 20 years because of the color of their skin

If White Farmers were Rhino's they would have a much better chance of survival.
If White Farmers were Rhino’s they would have a much better chance of survival.

Price Harry is in South Africa having a right royal time at the moment and has not breathed a word about the 1000’s of white farmers murdered this year by blacks in their beds and on the farms. He is totally ignoring the the extinction of South African white people yet he is very concerned about the Rhino’s. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama and so many world leaders of the Western world have been n South Africa recently and not one of them even breathed a word about the White Genocide going on here. The Genocide is common knowledge on South Africa and the world  leaders who visit here are very aware of it too. So how can I be wrong when I say they approve of the killing of white babies, children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, for their silence makes them guilty. You know when they say you cannot hide a criminal, for you are then also guilty and should be charged with accessory to the fact. The question I cannot seem to get answered is why do they want us all dead?

“When Man Is More Concerned About Animals Than His Own Kind Then I Suppose Mankind Has Lost”, Frans Maritz

British Concentration Camps Were 30000 half the Boer nations kids of tte time were murdered
British Concentration Camps where half the Boer nations kids of the time were murdered

But Prince Harry will do his very best to save a Rhino or two, they must be far more important than the thousands of farmers murdered this year.  It is also a fact that the Princes family murdered over half of the Boer Nations Children in Concentrasion Camps right here in South Africa just over a 100 years ago. All that death and destrcution for the gold and diamonds of the Transvaal and Free state. For these crimes against humanity his family have never compensated, apologized or even been held accountable for by anyone. These crimes were no different to what the Nazi’s did to the Jews.

Will Prince Harry visit this the graves of thousands of white genocide victimes?
Will Prince Harry visit the graves of thousands of white genocide victims?

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  1. No he will not!
    He is just a coward like the rest of the world turning a blind eye to what’s really happening here.
    He doesn’t care, nobody cares accept the families and friends of the murdered people.
    Death by the hands of blacks is a true reality happening everyday in South Africa and no one cares!!!
    Sad, so sad!!!

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