WHISNews21’s ‘Million’ Mark Only Few Visits Away

900000Celebration01sWHISNews21’s Cool ‘Million’ Mark Only Few Visits Away

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

AirplayDirect300x3002015 has been a remarkable year for WHISNews21, what started out as a place where Independent Artists can have their news published with an open door policy has captured the imagination of the music business and grown way beyond what we had expected it to do. Most people told us we were wasting our time doing this and that it will never work, that we should stick to adding free music to our website as free downloads. Well those doom prophets almost got their way. The only thing that stood in the way of the doom prophets was Frans Maritz (that’s me) and my wife Cathy. Like a fool or an idiot perhaps I ignored them all. So with the help and encouragement of my wife Cathy and a total stranger, who came out of nowhere one morning from across the ocean via an email from my favorite place Nashville, Mr Keith Bradford, I just kept on going.

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In the first month WHISNews21 had only 55 visitors, yet I was so proud of WHISNews21 and tried to tell all my friends about my wonderful new website. Unfortunately the first thing they could say was not, “Wow it is amazing, that little ole you could do something like this”, but wait for it 99% all my friends and family asked this question and I tell you no lie, “How Much Money Are You Making?” that’s all they were asking. Well I don’t even want to bore you with the replies I got from them when I said “No Nothing Yet” but I was determined to continue after all, Cathy said it was great.

HallOfFame190x269To be very honest I needed to make money but it did not seem to be my only motive, I wanted to do something that would help other artists get their news out to the world, I don’t know why I wanted to do that and still don’t know as it is to be honest such a rewarding job. It seems it is really hard for most, and I don’t mean all, to say thank you. We all know that these days to get in the news you need to be “Miley Cyrus”or “Donald Trump” and here I was offering it all for so easily and most of thetime freely. Many artists have taken advantage of WHISNews21 some more than others and some ignored it, but it all seems to be changing as WHISNews21 visitors are increasing by the day and we are so close to the Magical Million Mark, I suppose I can say the three M’s

radiologo2011sNow 3 years later WHISNews21 is only three chords a hop and a jump away from 1,ooo,ooo visitors. There are a lot of people who have helped me, some more than others but they all contributed one way or another in helping to make WHISNews21 a success. I will mention them in no particular order just so y’all know who they are. I may even leave someone out but that would be unintentional, so starting with Keith Bradford, Barbara Blevins, Rhonnie Scheuerman, James Allen, Doris Hayes, David Wood, Allen Karl, Cliff Ayers, Mike Bradford, Patty Patrick, Dave Caley, Wayne Jacobs, Barbara Rainey, Raymond Greenberg, André Hartman, Ed Dailey, Justin Lowe, Judy Welden, Ed Begley, Hurstel Begley, Bruce Goodwin, Clay Alston, Marty Martel, James Marvell, Joey Alkes, JK Coltrain, Peggy Larsen, The Music City Ghost, The Millers, Bill Sterling, Suzie Sterling and not forgetting each and every Independent Artist who has supported us throughout the past three years, thank you thank you and thank you.

whisnews21bannerheader011sIn closing I must admit that I am always tired and never get enough sleep but this voyage has been amazing. As I thank y’all I truly hope that this WHISNews21 adventure and dream of mine, never ends and sincerely hope and pray that all and everyone that has helped and visited us will have a wonderful long and happy life nothing more and nothing less.

– WHISNews21

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  1. I’m so pleased to read this today, dear Frans & Cathy…. and also very proud to be part of your County Discovery Family and being promoted on WHIS NEWS21 for many years now. No one I have ever known works as hard as y’all and has a heart of gold and not only sincerely want to help Indies in the music world but is very successful in doing just that and more! I have no doubt that you’ll make that “million” mark soon! I am thankful for all you do and truly hope that the great video you made of Rhon’s and my patriotic song, “Let’s Make America Great Again” will help inspire Donald Trump and his team to use our song for his campaign, being that he is using that title for his slogan! Rhon and I are hoping and praying this will be the case!! Hugs & Best wishes always, Judy Welden

      • You are sooo welcome dear Frans! I just posted this link on Facebook and am sending to others in an email.
        I invited folks to visit your newspaper, told them about my current single release and requested they write to info@donaldtrump.com if they think he can do what he says in his campaign, “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” …. his slogan and the title of Rhon’s and my co-written song! I know it won’t take long at all for your great newspaper to reach the 1 million mark!! Blessings ‘n hugs, Judy Welden