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Friday Do You Really Own Your Little Ole Home In Nashville?

Register of Deeds in Nashville quickly informs You That No Deeds Are Mailed Out

Do You Really Own A piece Of Nashville?
Do You Really Own A piece Of Nashville?

The Music City Ghost [File #39] 2015: When you make your final payment on your mortgage in Nashville don’t expect to receive your deed in the mail.  This rule applies to everyone who has paid off their building anywhere in Davidson County/Nashville Tennessee area.  After you make the final payment to the bank you will receive a letter from the bank stating the Register of Deeds in Nashville has been notified that you no longer owe any money on your property mortgage.  When you call the office of the Register of Deeds in Nashville and ask them to mail you the deed that you now officially own, they will quickly inform you that they do not mail out deeds to anyone at any time.  If you wish to fight the downtown traffic, pay for parking, take time off work, and are willing to take a copy of your pay off letter from the bank and 2 forms of identification to the office, then you can wait in line while they make a copy of your deed.  It is $1.00 per page and $3.00 for a copy of the land plot survey map.  Once all of this is done and you are happy you now have your deed in your hand, you will be informed none of this was necessary.  All deeds and land plots are electronically on file in the Nashville Register of Deeds office and you don’t even need a deed in your hands to sell your property.  The buyer will hire a Title Search company who will in turn determine that you in fact have the right to sell your real estate with no lien to anyone.  All of this information is permanently on file at the Register Of Deeds office.  So if you want a piece of paper that shows you own a piece of Nashville now you know what you must do to make that happen.

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