MCG: Does #1 On The Indie Charts Mean Anything?

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 If You Are #1 On An Indie Chart Has It Any Meaning?

Over 100 Links Pointing At Indie Charts Available on the Information Highway  

Indieworldaug31The Music City Ghost [File #38] 2015:
Recently I wanted to see how much record keeping is going on regarding Indie Music chart position.  I searched for INDIE CHARTS.  I found over 100 links to websites containing charts ranging from top 30 all the way to top 200.  All of these charts listing INDIE Country Music songs were different.  A song listed as #1 on a chart, never even appeared on other charts and a song listed as #99 on one chart appeared as #1 on another chart.  Something is not right here.  Furthermore one artist had 6 different songs listed in the top 100 all at the same time.  Upon further investigation this same artist had a banner advertisement on every page of that particular website.  The INDIE charts I discovered uses a myriad number of ways to determine chart position.  None of which seems to be number of units sold.  Yes I found many #1 song listings that were not even for sale anywhere on the Internet.  How can you have the #1 song in the charts if it doesn’t even exist for sale?  There is nothing wrong with anyone who wishes to take on the task of juggling the chart positions of songs using whatever method they choose for determining the end result.  This is not illegal.  I just wish the artist that brag they are #1 in the charts all over the social media sites would self analyze what that really means in the big scheme of things.  I can say I am the #1 horse back rider in the world if I create a horse back riding chart and list myself at #1.  If someone says you are #1 by who’s authority I could say by my authority because I own the chart.

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