MCG: Will The Nashville Way Be The Wrong Way?

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Will The Nashville Way Be The Wrong Way?

A Water Park That’s kept At 70 Degrees Fahrenheit Year Round

The Music City Ghost [File #37] 2015: I once stayed at a gorgeous hotel in Canada in the dead of Winter.  Inside the hotel in addition to restaurants, lounges, and nightly entertainment, there was a huge full size Water Park that included slides and a wave pool.  The water park was kept at 70 degrees Fahrenheit year round and even though you could watch the snow falling down through the large windows, it didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the fun in the water.  Inside the water park bathing suits were everywhere while outside folks were enjoying their snow mobiles while all bundled up like Eskimos. I can’t help but wonder if a large hotel in Nashville couldn’t learn something by visiting this resort in Canada.  The hotel I am talking about in Canada has about a 86% occupancy rate year round.  Many hotels in Nashville wish they could boast about numbers like that.  It makes you wonder why Nashville doesn’t emulate ideas like this one.  Instead they continue to brag about our current economic growth by doing it the Nashville way.  It will be so interesting to see what the next Nashville way of doing things will be.

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