MCG: If They Say It Will Play Do They Mean It Will Play

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MCG: If They Say It Will Play Do They Mean It Will Play?

I Keep Hearing DJ’s have their shows on 3000 radio stations Do they mean could have?

An Original NBRN.FM Radio Show
An Original NBRN.FM Radio Show

The Music City Ghost [File #32] 2015: It is the belief by a lot of DJ’s that the more radio stations that they have playing their shows, the better chance it has at gaining popularity.  I strongly disagree with this way of thinking.  If a person has a radio show that is unique in style and format it should have a base or home at a radio station.  Notice I said a radio station.  Case in point is if you want to tune in to the Grand Ole Opry you tune in to WSM 650 AM.  You wouldn’t think while in Texas to tune in to KLLL in Lubbock, TX on a Saturday night to hear the Grand Ole Opry no more than you would tune in to your favorite Internet radio station and expect to hear the Grand Ole Opry.   The home of the Opry is WSM 650 AM and if you want to hear the broadcast you must listen to WSM to hear it.  Disk jockeys you need to build your show name by building the radio station carrying the show.  The Louisiana Hayride, and the Wheeling West Virginia Jamboree are two more examples of shows that were on a home base radio station and you had to tune in to the appropriate station to hear the show.  I hear all the time that a DJ has his show on 3000 radio stations and I suppose that has value but I ask you to at least consider this thought… Suppose the listeners of those 3000 stations were all tuned into one station.  Your home base or radio station would be flooded with listeners and sponsors would be asking you how they could advertise their product on your show.  It is also very important that you protect the name of your show.  There is one Grand Ole Opry radio show.  There are many impersonators but one Grand Ole Opry.  If your show is unique then it should be the only show with that name and there should be only one radio station where you can go and hear it.

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