Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Wednesday

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Forgive me Father, but I am not overly fond of winter and sometimes wonder why You made it.  I need warm weather to do the things I love: gardening…biking…fishing.  Even my prayers are better, offered under a starry, summer sky.  In winter, You take away my toys and send me to my room, like I am being punished.

And yet, Lord I can see Your wisdom in winter.  It’s kind of Sabbath, isn’t i?  You force me to slow down so that I will last longer.  In summer I work and play so hard that my joints are throbbing by October, and my skin is leathery from the hot sun.  But by spring, my joints are flexible and my face is smooth.  In the summer my brain gets lazy from disuse, but in the wintertime I rediscover books and conversation.

I hate to admit it, Lord but winter can be useful.  The cold air forces me indoors where I can enjoy cozy fellowship with my family, around the fireplace.  The white snow reminds me of Your grace, which cleanses me of my sins.  Your stars are glorious on a cold, December  night, and the darkest time of the year is the perfect time for a huge party, like Christmas.

And so, Lord, reluctantly, grudgingly, I thank You for winter.  But please, God couldn’t you make it just a little bit shorter? …….Daniel


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