Two Murders In SA One is OK To Kill One is Not

OneIsOkOneIsNotTwo Murders In South Africa One is OK To Kill, One is Not

 Now the ANC calls for review on gun laws because a Black Soccer player Senzo Meyiwa is gunned down,

Yet Chantelle Jacobs a young white mother of two’s murder can be swept under the rug.  

 Reviewing the gun laws in South Africa?  ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says, “The time has come for us as a nation to review existing gun control measures with a view to limiting access to guns that end [up] in the wrong hands. The ANC calls for the total removal of illegal guns from society as these have proved to be a menace.”

“Who do they think they are fooling, even Obama is having a hard time convincing hard working Americans to give up their guns. America and South Africa is like looking in a mirror. What you see happening here is what is going to happen there “

All that will happen is the few guns that are still in possession of legal firearm licensed owners will be taken away too. Kodwa confirmed this statement way too clearly by HandGunsaying,

“The ANC believed stricter gun control laws are needed to punish negligent firearm owners.”

Then comes the window dressing to fool the masses, when it will only apply to the legal firearm owners, as the criminals will acquire more guns without any problem.

“We call on the judiciary to show no mercy for those in possession of illegal guns and those who are guilty of negligence,” said Kodwa. “Maximum sentences should be imposed as a deterrent against those in possession and those who use these guns to mow down other human beings.” Communities were also urged to help police identify and catch perpetrators. “We must not tolerate individuals who terrorise and take innocent lives and still find a hiding place in the same society,” said Kodwa. “Let us identify and isolate such callous thugs and report them to law enforcement agencies.” this was reported by SAPA

The above has come about because one soccer player was gunned down in cold blood recently and the ANC asked that the community must help to catch the perpetrator. Kodwa also says that, “We must not tolerate individuals who terrorise and take innocent lives and still find a hiding place in the same society,” and strict gun control must be inforced.

Murdered by four black
Murdered by four blacks

Yet this month alone dozens of white South Africans have been assaulted and murdered in the most horrendous ways and it has all gone relatively unnoticed and no comment from any of the ANC officials including Kodwa has been reported. Not even a course of action has been suggested by them in regard to the white genocide, but one black soccer player is murdered and a call to remove guns from society needs to be implemented and everyone must mobilize to stop the killings. I am wondering at this point what killing they are talking about ?

This young Mother of two small babies was gunned down, shot in the chest four times by a Gang of Four Blacks this month and ANC spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa had absolutely nothing to say about that, nobody has been arrested and no arrests expect to be made either. I don’t think it is so difficult to read and understand what is going on in South Africa. Where are the liberal voices of the International community now ? They must surely be happy….

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  1. We all know what’s really going on in South Africa!!! But nobody cares, we are on our own out here and even more so with the revising of the gun law…. More and more racial remarks on FB openly saying how they’r going to “grab the sucklings from the white mothers breasts and beat the mother to death with het own baby”! Complain about that as a white mother and see what’s been done? Sweet nothing!!! And the killings continue….
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    • Let the F::ers try, YES I AGREE, THIS IS RACISM AT ITS WORST, THE FUNNY THING IS OUR IDIOT WHITE, BROTHERS, FATHERS, UNCLES FELL FOR THE JOKE AND HANDED IN ALL THEIR WEAPONS, “SHORT AND SWEET, Communistic referendum, and yes i am talking about the ANC ” Disarm The nation, Financially destroy the nations ,monetary unit , Force the nation to be reliant!!, There is only one thing that the world and SA people have forgotten, HISTORY REPEATS!!!!!, The BOER ” TRUE SOUTH AFRICAN< BLACK OR WHITE" (The true history of SA, many blacks fought alongside the "Boer") has withstood major opposition, Watch out you communistic "M"Fckers" one day is one day you are going to push the boundaries, and i pray for you, Cause black will turn against black, white will fight white, and all will fight for the the cleansing ! WRONG AGAINST RIGHT!!!!!!!