Rhon’s Inspiration Station: No Longer Watching News

inspirationstationNov2013This column was posted in DAILY GUIDEPOSTS for October 31 and is something Bob and I experienced lately too, so we related to it.  We no longer watch the new show (name not mentioned), it too started off great, 2nd time lots of things that we do not believe in.  Please read below:


…… My husband and I had been counting the days until the debut of a new TV drama that promised great things.  The producer was world renowned.  The lead female was immensely likable.  The premise intrigued us both.  And so, with sky-high expectations, we set our DVR to record the program and were childishly giddy the night we actually got to pile into bed, giant bowl of popcorn between us, and hit Play.

……The first half hour had us hooked.  But then came episode two.  Within fifteen minutes, I knew my husband and I weren’t long for this particular path.  As the character’ stories unfolded, so did vast amounts of selfishness, scheming, and smut.  “No” I screamed at the TV,” the teasers looked so good!”

….. Avoiding a not-so-pure TV show is admittedly a very small step in what is the vast universe of God-honoring activity in this life.  But it was a small step toward the God I adore. Thanks Father, for even small victories that lead to big transformations in my life.   Ashley.

Bible verse Philippians 4:8

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