Who Is President Obama Really, Do you Know ?

TheRingFingerWho Is President Obama Really? Do you Really, Really Know?

Can All This Really be the Truth or Not? Do American’s Really Care Anymore? Is the Truth Something That is Always Lied About?

Subject The Ring:Just another piece of detailed info. Wonder if we’ll ever get to the “facts” that certain interests paid millions to have blacked out on this man? In this current age we (citizens) have no privacy, almost all is available on the Internet. For this man a huge segment of his history has been blacked out. America has a right to know just who this guy really is. Wonder if we’ll ever find out? Barack Obama has been wearing the same ring for over 30 years. When he and Michelle were married in October, 1992, Barack used the ring as his wedding ring. So, what is so important about this ring that Obama will never take it off? The answer is shocking; well maybe not to most of you.

Barack Obama and his roommate Hasan Chandoo at Occidental College in 1981

The Ring01c

Obama wearing the ring as president.

The Ring03c

Obama signing legislation while wearing the ring.

The Ring05c

Obama in Cairo, Egypt, smiling and waving during his speech.

The Ring03c

And what does the inscription on the ring Obama will never take off mean?

The Ring04

lâ ilâha illâ allâh:  There is no God except Allah

The most transparent president in history ? 

Who is this person that occupies the oval office ? 

Does anyone really know ?  


Clint Eastwood’s September 7, 2012 interview with his home town newspaper,

The Carmel Pine Cone, is dead on :

President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

– Email received at our Email Outpost if it’s true or not you be the judge

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