Ebola Patient Boards Plane Fuels Hoax Theory WET Tv

EbolaHoax01Ebola Patient Boards Plane and Fuels Hoax Theory  – WET TV

Images emerged Wednesday of officials loading the second Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola onto a plane headed for Atlanta where she is set to receive treatment at Emory University Hospital — and Americans quickly noticed something very strange about the scene. Among several workers wearing hazmat suits on the runway of Dallas Love Field is a man wearing plain clothes and no apparent protective gear. There are rumours that the Ebola Virus is a hoax and has been blown out of context so that every person in the world will want to take a so-called cure and make someone incredible rich selling the cure by injection. Can you imagine if every person on earth has to pay for the injection even if it only costs $10 a shot, wow that is some serious money.

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