Hate to say we told you so Mr President but we did

National Council for Freedom and Enterprise

We hate to say we told you so, Mr. President …. but we did

American patriots saw that ObamaCare would be a trainwreck the moment the President announced the federal government should take over healthcare.

And as the ObamaCare fiasco continues, the National Council for Freedom has been updating you whether it is the failed Health Care.Gov website, new mandates coming out almost weekly, or millions of hard-working Americans losing their insurance policies.

States have the option to create their own healthcare exchanges, rather than opting into the disastrous federal exchange. But even the state exchanges are floundering.

News just broken despite the federal government pouring half a BILLION dollars into 4 state exchanges they have all failed!

Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland are the 4 states that accepted $474 million in federal money to build their own exchanges. That’s $474 million that taxpayers must shell out of our hard-earned paychecks for websites we don’t want and that don’t even work. And the price tag is still climbing.

You see, now these states are trying to decide whether to blow even more money on their broken websites, start from scratch, or switch to the equally troubled federal exchange. But the problem is not state healthcare exchanges vs. the federal exchange – because NEITHER works.

This madness must end.

The federal government should not have an endless supply of “blank checks” to spend on the President’s pet project ObamaCare.

How much money are we going to keep shelling out for failing systems?

Enough is enough.

Eryn B.
Political Director


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