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May 19, 2014 [Monday]

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DRUG CRAZED MAN RAMS TRUCK INTO TV STATION On Tuesday, ‎May ‎13, ‎2014 a mentally ill man rams his truck into WMAR TV ABC CH 2 and barricades himself inside the station for nearly five hours. Baltimore cops arrest 27 year old Vladimir Mehul Baptiste and charge him with three counts of attempted second-degree murder, three counts of first-degree assault, unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and related burglary and theft charges. Baptiste remains in the local Baltimore Detention Center on a $750,000 bail. According to WMAR TV, Baptiste posts a series of tweets while barricaded inside the building, including one that read ‘chillin @ abc2 news waiting and yawning’. Vladimir’s mother, Merizia Saindor Baptiste, tells WMAR TV anchor Kelly Swoope that her son has a history of drug use and was supposed to be in a rehab treatment program Tuesday.

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HANNITY FLEES NEW YORK Sean Hannity hosts a prime-time television show on Fox News Channel and a nationally syndicated radio show, both based in New York. In January 2014, when NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says Conservatives have no place in his state top rated FNC and syndicated radio show host Sean Hannity threatens to leave New York which is the state where he is born and now resides. In February 2014, Hannity lists his Long Island home for sale for $3.6 million. Republican governors of both Texas and Florida make pitches to Hannity to move to their states. In an interview Wednesday with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Hannity says: You’re soon going to be my senator. I’m going to Florida and I’m going to get a little Texas ranch. I’ve decided I’m leaving New York when my kid graduates high school.

FOX ANCHOR MOVES TO FAR RIGHT In Los Angeles, CA the question of the day is where is KTTV TV FOX CH 11 morning show host Will Steve Edwards going to sit next? Recently, KTTV TV Good Day LA morning show host Steve Edwards switches chairs on the set. Up until May 6, Edwards sits in the center of the Good Day desk. Then on May 7 everything changes when he sits at the far right end of the desk. Edwards remains still on the far right, but later he stands on his feet. Does someone remove his chair? The move appears on media site TVSpy. A reader believes Edwards’ rightways migration might be KTTV code for ‘we’ll keep moving him right…right off the set’. FOX management tells TVSpy there is no ulterior motive behind the moving anchorman. They said they’re simply experimenting with anchor positions on the new set.

GANNETT SNARES SIX TX TV STATIONS In 2013, Gannett pulls off a massive deal for Dallas-based Belo and its 20 TV stations that includes WFAA TV CH 8 in Dallas, TX for $1.5 billion. On Wednesday, ‎May ‎14, ‎2014 Virginia-based Gannett announces that it will purchase six Texas TV stations from London Broadcasting for $215 million. This adds KCEN TV NBC CH 6 Waco-Temple-Bryan, KYTX TV CBS CH 19 Tyler-Longview, KIII TV ABC CH 3 Corpus Christi, KBMT TV ABC CH 12 and subchannel KJAC TV NBC CH 4 in Beaumont-Port Arthur, KXVA TV FOX CH 15 Abilene-Sweetwater and KIDY TV FOX CH 19 San Angelo. Phil Hurley, London Broadcasting Company CEO, continues to head the six TV stations after the deal closes. He reports to Dave Lougee, Gannett Broadcasting President.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What 1950s guitar instrumental does some American radio stations ban? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dwight C. Douglas on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. •JOHN HARRIS replaces Sports talk KILT-610 Houston, TX personality Rich Lord as sideline reporter for Houston Texans radio broadcasts. •MIKE MUTNANSKY WEEI FM (93.7) #1 rated sports radio talk station in America 10am-2pm midday co-host adds Boston Red Sox pre- and post-game shows to his duties. •TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ceases operation of its 1610 kHz Travel Information Radio frequency at the end of May 2014. •CUMULUS Media programming changes at News/Talk KSFO-560 San Francisco, CA ends Barbara Simpson’s weekly show.


•1956 STEVE FORD son of President Gerald Ford actor in TV soap opera Young and Restless born on May 19th. •1965 ROGER MILLER’s single King Of The Road brings home a Gold record on May 19th. •1979 THE VILLAGE PEOPLE’s disco single In The Navy grabs #3 on May 19th. •1980 ALABAMA’s first album to hit the charts My Home’s In Alabama releases on RCA records on May 20th. •1997 PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH’s doggie Millie dies at 12 on May 19th. •2005 TOBY KEITH’s video As Good As I Once Was debuts on CMT on May 19th.


PAT MCGOWAN [Engineer-In-Charge New Century Productions] (Chandler, AZ) Subject: KUHT. Hi Jim, Not only did KUHT go on the air in 1953 from the campus of the University of Houston, it was the very first Educational TV station to go on the air. Also where I began my career in 1968 when Al Leverick hired me as the night Videotape/Projection Operator. 46 years later still in the industry on the road for NEP/Trio Video. Thanks Al. — Patrick McGowan; Engineer-In-Charge | NEP US Mobile Units (

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TRIVIA ANSWER: On April 26, 1958 Link Wray’s guitar instrumental Rumble first appears on the American music charts. Even though it contains no lyrics, many US radio stations ban the song because they are afraid that the tune’s title might promote teen violence. Despite the boycott, the song still rises to #16 and sells over a million copies. Link follows Rumble with Rawhide (#23-1959) and Jack The Ripper (#64-1963). In 1977, Link’s Rumble guitar appears on Robert Gordon’s Rock-a-Billy tune Red Hot.

LESLIE WAYNE HODGES [former KRCS-550 DJ] (Marshall, TX) When I returned to Midland in April 2012 I walked right into We Care ministries Larry West from West Monroe and his Cadre. Larry speaking from the Holy Bible and pointing out in scriptures a style of teaching why it is essential to be water immersed to enter Heaven is the best I have ever seen. It was June 2013 before I figured out that Larry had a daughter and that in fact Larry’s daughter Missy is married to Jase Robertson. Wow…Have a Duck Dynasty video where Missy sings Silent Night. My Goodness, Leslie Sometime It’s a small World after all

MISSY ROBERTSON [Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson’s wife] What attracted us to each other was what we saw in each other in our faith.


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