20 Years Without Maintenance SA Heads For Blackout

power cuts

Will South Africa Be The First Country

To Experience the First Modern day “Dark Age”

As Power Reserves In South Africa Remain Low – Eskom 2014

(Duncan Alfreds, News24)Johannesburg – Eskom’s electricity supply system remains under strain but the utility is not expecting further power cuts, it said on Saturday.

“The system is tight at the moment because our reserves are low. We don’t, however, expect load shedding,” spokesperson Andrew Etzinger said.

“At the moment we are replenishing our fuel supply to power stations. We are refilling the plants’ fuel.”

Etzinger said consumers would be informed on all developments regarding the supply of electricity.

The parastatal’s CEO Brian Dames said on Friday that opting for staggered power cuts was a painful move, but unavoidable to save the electricity system.

“The decision was necessary to avoid a total blackout,” he told reporters in Johannesburg.

He said a total blackout would have had significant consequences for the South African economy.

At 06:00 on Thursday, Eskom announced a power emergency caused by heavy rains, which wet its coal stocks.

Large industrial customers were asked to reduce consumption by 10% and the public were asked to conserve electricity to help ease demand on the power grid.

In Tshwane, power was cut for about two hours on Thursday in some areas. Power cuts were also experienced in Johannesburg.

The City of Cape Town initiated “stage three” power cuts and suburbs in Port Elizabeth were also affected.

Eskom urged the public to continue to use electricity sparingly although the emergency was over.


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  1. Strange how most townships (that steal electricity) are not affected at all by loadshedding. Their lights are on while the town is in darkness.

  2. On thursday Pretoria had a power cut which lasted for 5 hours! Malls had to close their doors. Bad bad choice for SA’s economy to say the least!!!
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    • It’s been on the cards for a long time they need to do constant maintenance and not think if it’s not broke it doesn’t need to be fixed preventative maintenance