Do Christian Rights Not Matter Anymore In America ?


National Council for Freedom and Enterprise

The battleground for religious liberty this week was in Arizona.

With the eyes of the country on her last night, AZ Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have protected business owners against lawsuits from customers they declined services to based on their faith.

This issue has been raised primarily by homosexual couples who, indignant at being declined services for their “weddings” by Christian bakers and photographers, sue the businesses — which often costs the business owners thousands in legal fees.

The First Amendment protects religious freedom.

Yet legislation that would have affirmed that protection in Arizona was vetoed, leaving Christian business owners with a choice: provide services that violate their faith, or risk being sued into bankruptcy.

The National Council for Freedom and Enterprise wants your opinion on this hot issue: Should Christians be forced to violate their religious freedom?

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Court cases in Colorado, New Mexico, and Oregon have raised this question as well, as those verdicts have also come back in favor of strong-arming Christians into providing services that violate their faith.

With anti-religious liberty momentum picking up across the nation, it is only a matter of time until faith is no longer a defense and business owners must provide services to any and everyone that walks through their doors.

The NCFE needs to know that a majority of Americans agree that this is an outrage and that nobody should be forced to violate their faith before we can commit more of our resources to this fight.

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Political Director

P.S. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s veto was a blow to religious liberty.

The National Council for Freedom and Enterprise needs to know: Should Christians be forced to violate their religious freedom?

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