Ed Begley Puts His Life At Risk For The Boer Nation

edbegleyEd Begley Fighting For A Better Future For The Boer Nation Of South Africa

I will be fighting under the name of “Rhodesian Knightmare” late summer to bring awareness to the genocide of the minority in south Africa and donating all proceeds to the Sunette Bridges foundation in south Africa Boervrouliga. it will be orchestrated by Terry O’Brian of Shamrock Gym. Its been 14 years since my last fight. As an amateur fighter I won a N.B.F. national title in the Middle Weight and also the Golden gloves in the Light Heavy Weight, division. As a professional fighter I was trained by Boxing hall of famer and former champ Aaron [the hawk] Pryor .

Boxing is dangerous and I can still  remember at a club show one night, seeing a fighter die of a  brain hemorrhage. So at my age you may ask, why do it ?
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Well as  I am a friend of the Boer Nation, I feel I want to do something and by fighting again and donating all the proceeds will help my Boer friends. I am hoping that maybe because of the danger I put myself in, as I am already 41, will bring more awareness to their genocide. By putting my life in danger for their cause they may find inspiration not to give up their struggle

I Started the T-shirt campaign “Art of Chivalry” as that is what I perceive in this fighting for nothing but the victims of genocide, the orphans the woman and also dedicating it to Corrie Sanders. its all about honor and if some thing would befall me, I would have it no other way than in this cause, it is an honor for me to do this for my friends and to donate all proceeds go to Boervrouliga of the Boer Nation

You can also help by ordering one of Ed Begley’s special edition T-Shirts specially printed for this event, at this link  https://t.co/OSgYjuOsXV




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  1. Thank you so much Ed an the spicy Greek. Thank you is such a small word but Im saying it with PASSION!!!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot, what you are doing for the white people of South Africa is amazing. God bless

  3. Ed thank you so much. Without people like you abroad our struggle will be much harder. Thank you for letting people know what is going on in SA AND doing something about it !! Dankie !!!

  4. My Dear Friend! I don’t quite know what to say… Please don’t take any risks or get hurt doing this! We need you “alive, kicking and singing”! Thank you for being such a loyal and true friend to my People. We truly appreciate all your love, kindness and effort to support our cause!

    Love from SA


    • Amazing! Thank you so much Ed Begley! Please be careful and God bless!
      Greetings from SA.

    • Thank you Sunette , but your risk is more dangerous and precarious then mine; mine will be just 12 minutes in a Boxing ring yours is daily ….The T shirt money is set to go to your foundation and Im Excited in helping . so don’t worry I take a good punch ha…ha..