Why Does The USA Have to Spy On It's Own People?

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By now you know Obama’s snoop statists at the National Security Agency are spying on the American people. But did you know how much it is costing you to fund it?
It comes as no surprise that our tax dollars are footing the bill for the NSA’s massive “data collection” program, but what is shocking is just how oversized their spying budget is.
A leaked document published by The Guardian known as the “Black Budget” shows the NSA budget for its data collection programs to be over $52 billion dollars.
You didn’t misread that number.
Americans are paying over $52 billion dollars so Obama’s National Security Agency can monitor everything you do on your phone and scrutinize every e-mail you send to make sure you aren’t a “threat.”
So with a budget of over $52 billion, what is the NSA doing with the money they are vacuuming out of taxpayer’s wallets?
So far, the National Security Agency has used your funds to:

  • Disregard every American’s constitutional right to privacy and stealing information about phone, email and web activity without consent;


  • Build a huge, secure server center to indefinitely store every piece of information they can gather or steal about you;


  • Pay off massive tech giants such as Apple and Facebook with millions of dollars under the guise of “compliance costs,” giving the NSA access to information those companies told you was “secure.”

The list goes on and on, while the cost to taxpayers continues to rise.
Is that the literal price you and I must pay for “security?”
If you ask Obama and his “Big Brother” style security agency, the answer is “yes.” The National Security Agency and President Obama have brazenly declared — once again — that they know better than you.
The National Council for Freedom is dedicated to holding the Obama Administration responsible for flittering away billions of your tax dollars on secret programs designed to track every citizen nationwide.
In freedom and prosperity,
Eryn B
Political Director

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