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inspirationstationNov2013May each person reading this be inspired to come closer to Jesus.  I found Hope MacDonald’s words powerful .  Please read below, and as she says “TRY READING PSALM 91 for a month.  You will be truly blessed, Rhon

Author: Hope MacDonald

The other night I took care of  my grandchildren.  Six-year old Shane woke up crying.  He had been dreaming of goblins and other childhood terrors.  After he quieted down, he showed me the well-worn Bible his grandfather had given him.  Shane always keeps it under his pillow.  As I left the room, he said, “You know, Grandma when you sleep with your Bible, it’s almost like sleeping with Jesus !”  And he laid down like a little lamb and went to sleep.  He was resting in the shadow of the Almighty.  Later I found myself asking, “Is this where I’m resting today?”

Try reading Psalm 91 every day for the next month.  Your life will be changed as mine was, because this is a triumphant song of faith.  In it we learn that God is our dwelling place.  It’s under his wings that we find refuge, even in the midst of the universal evil that surround us.
We all face dangers and heartaches in life because we live in a lost and fallen world.  But in the midst of these difficulties we can be absolutely confident that we are not left alone to deal with them.  God’s faithfulnees  is our constant shield. We are covered by the shadow of the Almighty!  Oh the security that is ours in God’s promise that he will be with us in trouble (Psalm 91:15)
These unchanging promises are for those who choose, by an act of their will, to put themselves under the care and protection of the living God.  These promises are for those who dwell within the shelter of the Most High, who make their home with Jesus.
Why is this a psalm of irrepressible beauty?  Because in it we are given a fresh glimpse into all that is ours through Jesus Christ our Lord.  We come away from this psalm with an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder at God’s continual provision.
Additional Scripture Reading Psalm 121-1-8  Lamentations 3:19-26

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