Another Major Film To Make a Terrorist Look Good

kerkstbom05whisnews21New Mandela Movie will Make sure that Whites Were Evil and Blacks Were Angels

Mandela was no different to Osama Bin Ladin, they both murdered for their so-called just cause.

2054-4714-0-0_2498223An International Press Release:
The first image of actor Idris Elba in the long-awaited Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom,  which releases in South Africa later this year, was revealed at an event at the Cannes  Film Festival in France by producer Anant Singh of Videovision Entertainment and Harvey  Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company which has acquired the film for  distribution in the United States.
Directed by Justin Cadwick (The First Grader, The Other Boleyn Girl), Mandela: Long  Walk To Freedom, is the big screen adaptation of the autobiography of former South  African president, freedom fighter and global icon, Nelson Mandela.
Starring alongside  Idris Elba (Luther), who plays Mandela, is  Naomie Harris (Skyfall, The First Grader).  Among the large South Africa cast are Gys de Villiers, Terry Pheto, Grant Swanby and  Carl Beukes.

A series of screenings will take place in the forthcoming weeks.

“Knowing what a strong relationship President Obama has with former President Mandela, it’s an honour for this film to be shown at the White House.” Harvey Weinstein

Some scenes you wont be seeing in the movie about the bombs planted by Mandela’s ANC which the world applauded him for. Then again maybe they will not care as the liberal world press has done an excellent job over the past 50 years in making people believe this was a just cause. Even the leader of the so called free world openly hails the one behind these bombs as his hero.

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And the world rejoiced in these killings, today these pictures look so similar to the recent bombing in Boston, yet some who plant bombs like these are made Gods of, like Mandela. Other’s are hunted down and shot, like the Boston Bombers, strange world we live in.

“There is not much ordinary people can do about injustices, but to keep quiet, is what cowards do” Frans Maritz

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  1. Callum, this is merely my own opinion, I don’t believe that you live in or have ever lived in South Africa, so YOU don’t REALLY know the truth. Also, everybody is very quick to jump to conclusions, it angers me that everybody can point fingers, please take the plank out your own eye before you take the splinter out of somebody else’s. Wherever you are from, I sincerely hope that you can say that you have every right to be there! ONE MORE NOTE!!! THE BIGGEST RACISTS ARE THE BLACK AFICANS, NOT THE WHITE AFRICANS.

    • Thank you for your comment Lorraine, I can feel your anger at what seems to be the opinion of the majority of the people worldwide. What we need to do is stay calm and spread the word as far as we can and I believe that there is only thing that will help us in our quest to tell the world about what is happening in our country, is always to tell the truth, and that is what you have done in your comment but with a lot of anger. I am not judging you, as you have the right to be angry. I am merely pointing out that putting our case forward without getting angry will be in our favor and what really upsets the Liberals is that they cannot get away with calling you a racist if you only tell the truth. Visit is again anytime you are welcome.

  2. But there’s a huge difference between 700 (seven hundred) blacks being murdered compared to the 7000 – 8000 (seven thousand to eight thousand) whites being murdered. Lets keep to the truth here on both sides

  3. Well, I respectfully submit to you that there were in fact white on black killings before the ANC, specially the riots in Soweto, where somewhere between 170-700 blacks were killed by white officers as the blacks protested against the new Afrikaans teaching regime.
    Also, no other terrorist that I have heard of has made amends by the brilliant Truth and Reconciliation as Mandela did either. The violence had to end. I don’t believe (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that Mandela supports what has been currently happening in SA, or what his old party is up to now.

    • Ahem, thank you for informing us about Wikipedia, they do in fact confirm your comment. However they fail to say that thousands of Black were throwing stones most as big as bricks at the police and in those days the police did not wear any riot gear for protection as they do today, so if one of those bricks hit a policeman it would have killed them the same a bullet would have. Also as far as I know rubber bullets were also not available at that time either. So my conclusion is that the police defended themselves against an overwhelming force of aggressive and violent opposition who were out for blood. Finally I stand corrected but my knowledge of the liberal accusation that it was a massacre is untrue, the police held back as long as they could and only started firing when their lives were certainly at risk. With all that said just a few months ago the same kind of situation arouse at one of the South African mines and once again. the police this time Black and white South African policeman also opened fire and killed dozens of black miners in self defense, yet this was acceptable to the liberal world as it was Mandela’s police killing black people armed with rocks and panga’s or machetes etc. The world is not a fair place and history is told by the ones who run the world. The sad part of all this is that it is in the new worlds interest to keep white and black people enemies, so there is nothing you or I can do about it, it is not going to stop. On your last question, I don’t think Mandela has any more influence on the new black South African leaders, they are all out of control and Mandela may have tried to keep it together for black people but he has had no problem with the almost 100,000 white people that have been killed in South Africa by black people, and not even to mention the black people that have been killed by black people, since he became president in 1994. This all saddens me as I just want to live the rest of my life in peace.

      • Also bear in mind the Cato Manor massacre where police were hacked to death with machetes a couple of weeks earlier, the police were already edgy. If the argument is about who did what first, then also consider that the citizens of the Cape East border were being attacked by blacks who were systematically moving southward in the country, prior to that the Boers only had contact with the native Khoi and San people (who were in the country for thousands of years) and thus they could not claim oppression or land grab as motive, there were also Boer babies smashed on ox-wagon wheels and rocks (Weenen and Blaauwkrans) during the Great Trek establishing a view that different ethnicities should each develop at their own pace with as much as possible if not total sovereignty, each to his own as at the time the Boers believed that God created people differently with innate cultures and character.

        • Etienne thank you for reminding us all about the Cato Manor massacre. It is something that has successfully been hidden from history by the propaganda machine. The world does not know the full story behind the so called massacre, as the world has successfully been brainwashed into believing what the liberal press has been printing into their minds for the past 60 years. The world also is not aware of the fact that most blacks in South Africa right now have less claim to the land as they say all the whites do.

  4. I haven’t watched the movie yet and am quite interested as one of my friends were injured in the car bomb regarding Robert McBride that is with the ANC and I wonder how many people have actually seen this, IF NOT PLEASE WATCH THE TRUTH NOW

    • That’s OK Mandelas your comment is appreciated but unfortunately for you, history will eventually prove you and millions of Mandela followers wrong.

    • Good question, but not one that will have an answer that will get Mandela off the hook. You see it was not Osama Bin Ladin himself that blew up the twin towers but his orders to so. That brings me to your question, even if he was in jail at the time, he gave the orders to kill. The only difference between Osama and Mandela today is, Osama has paid for his crimes with his life and Mandela was made a god for his.

      • In ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ Mandela admits he signed off the order to the Church Street Bombing, hence he did not give an oral instruction in code to some visitor, he literally signed of the instructions from prison. Now consider, there was enough evidence against Mandela in the Rivonia Treason Trial to have had him hanged, including the thesis in his own handwriting ‘How to be a good Communist’, the plot uncovered was that not of installing a human rights based Democracy, but to overthrow South Africa in to such a state of anarchy that the police would not be able to keep up with arrests, then install a Communist state not only in South Africa, but also the other countries in the south of Africa. Yet Mandela had a telephone and fax machine in prison, later he was transferred to Victor Verster where he lived in a guard’s courter, with a swimming pool and a white cook. He was frequently visited by MP’s and intelligence officers from various countries…

  5. I find it sick that the powers that be continue to show the world only the “fairytale” version of what really happened in SA. People forget that the world also supported Robert Mugabe. He wasn’t as clever as Mandela, though, and revealed his true colours to the world. Still, however, he governs the Zimbabwean people – there is no election, only a “take-over”. Mandela, as someone once put it, is also the “kind uncle” behind heinous crimes. He just took over in a smarter manner. He conned even South Africans. Only those who were victims of the crimes he and his party were responsible for are not supporters of him. I too thought he was a good man (I was in Standard 4 when we became a “Rainbow Nation”) but did some fact-finding as I got older only to discover that his crimes were no better than any other terrorist crimes. I wonder how the victims family members of the World Trade Centre Bombings would feel about it if Bin Laden was hailed a hero? The A.N.C. – Mandela’s party – continues to destroy South Africa. What is so sad is that if Mandela and his party had just kept their promises with “Everybody being equal” and for this “Never to happen again to any racial, cultural or religious group” (Mandela promised this), the country could have thrived but by the turning of a blind eye with farm murders, the giving on jobs based on colour not merit just fuels the racial divide. People of all colour want to live in harmony, but by selling the world these types of lies, how can they?? By the way, when Robert Mugabe came into power, his speech was also quite charming with him mentioning that “yesterday you were my enemy but today you are my friend”. Read up on the history of Zimbabwe and you’ll be amazed at how the A.N.C. has continued to look North for inspiration.

  6. “Mandela was no different to Osama Bin Ladin, they both murdered for their so-called just cause” And, don’t forget, they both have the same paymaster

    • Jenny, if he killed white South African’s he may have been a hero, if it was back in the 60’s when mandela reigned terror in the streets of South Africa with his bombs. Thanks for dropping by, very happy to see you on WHISNews21, your input is always welcome.

  7. He stays a convicted terrorist and a communist, murderer of innocent people, he and his followers kill children for cellphones, rape virgins to be cured from aids which includes boys and girls from as young as 2 years.

      • Hi François, Thank you for visiting us again, it is always a pleasure to see you commenting here. I have read your comment and I can feel a little anger in your words, so I will try to explain to you why people like Dirk and I feel the way we do. Firstly you are very right blacks are also killed everyday, but not by whites they are killed by their own people for reasons ranging from, raping a family members 6 months old baby, stealing from a friend, jealous because a brother has more money than he does, getting drunk and unintentionally killing his friend, the reasons are way to many to mention. No these deaths have nothing to with genocide as it is black killing black. The government and the world can call that crime as they would be right to do so. Yet on the other hand, Whites are not being killed by Whites they are being killed by Blacks, and not always for their possessions, they are being killed because they are white. The reason I believe this with all my heart is that when a black man kills a white man or white woman or a whole white family, they usually don’t steal much else than perhaps like Dirk says a $20 cell phone, and most of the time they take nothing but the lives of the whites they kill. It is horrible what is going on here François, if you just go to Google and you enter “Farm Murders in South Africa” you will see pictures there that are in some instances worse than the pictures you have seen of the Holocaust. We are not crying for nothing my friend, we also do not expect you to help us, as you have your own problems, but we cannot keep quiet about this anymore, even if it means we will be insulted for our efforts. I also understand that 60 years of propaganda against South Africa has made the world believe that we deserve this therefore I am not upset with your comments, I understand why you comment the way you do. I would however hope that you will at least just think about this in your spare time and always know that I will never publish something if it is not the truth, and what is happening in South Africa today can happen even in France one way or another, all you can do is not to shut your eyes and ears to the truth it is there to read and to hear, take care my friend and as always I say, you are welcome here anytime.

      • Hi Francois, of course blacks were killed as well. BUT women , children, babies and non combatants were never intentionally targeted. Today whites off all ages are being killed by so called burglars. It is difficult to understand that a burglar have time to torture his victims with a hot iron or drowning a child in a hot bath tub and then steal almost nothing. I imagine you also think it is just fair that a 82 year old woman gets gang raped while her husband is bleeding to death next to her.

      • WHISNEWS21 and nico – you do realise you come across as filthy racists? I stumbled upon this site because I share your view that Mandela was a terrorist (he is indisputably reformed now, but I don’t see people giving the same second chance to Muslim terrorists…). Your comments however are disgusting. It isn’t a media conspiracy that black people were killed by white people, THEY WERE. Yes black people killed other black people. Yes black people killed white people. But that does NOT mean that white people were all innocent bystanders.
        South Africa’s reputation has been slung through the dirt for a very good reason – it was a filthy apartheid state. As I said at the start, I agree with you that the role black people played during the period has been overlooked by most people, and certainly today it seems that many black people in South Africa are abusing the white population, but that does not admonish the sickening behaviour committed by white people at the time. Where the mainstream media has been biased towards the black population, you are being equally biased towards the white population. Especially as a half-decent excuse for the black-bias shown by the media is that they were oppressed and treated like second class citizens in their own country by colonial invaders. You have none for your bias.

        • Hi Cullum, firstly I thank you for your comment it is most interesting and very well written, and thank you for for not using any swear words. As we have some sort of common ground here, I don’t want to argue with you about your comments, as I will probably loose against you due to 60 years of propaganda directed unfairly in my opinion at all white South Africans. I will however say being racist is not in my blood, but if I seem biased it is only because I am targeted for genocide in my own country, therefore I am worried for my own safety and the safety of my family. I welcome any black man to voice his or her opinions about black people being murdered in South Africa, yet they don’t seem to breath a word about it, and that to me seems strange to the point that they could generally be accepting it as a part of African life. So when I speak up and say that whites are being targeted for genocide, being biased or not, I have the proof, it is not a lie it is there for all to see. To see all the horrible murders you only have to google,”Farm Murders In South Africa” and please don’t mention white or black in your search at all, and see what race pops up on the screen. In all the years of apartheid no matter what you were led to believe, blacks were never marked for genocide or killed the way whites are today. If all this appears to sound racist then I ask you, is telling the truth in 2013 being racist? As for Mandela, I am sorry he will always be a terrorist in my eyes and if he has changed as the world seems to think then why has he not stood up and spoken against the Genocide of whites in South Africa or even against the murders of black people by black people in South Africa, he has the power to do so. I truly believe he has not changed he has just gotten old and extremely rich and now lives a life that only Kings and Queens enjoy on this earth. In closing if you believe in your heart that whites should be punished for their crimes as you have read about in newspapers during the apartheid years,I ask the world this, who is now going to punish the blacks for their crimes against whites today? That is why I speak up, as I am concerned that they will go unpunished by the new world after they murder every white person in South Africa, Conservative or Liberal, English or Afrikaans. Thanks Cullum and just so you know you will always be welcome here, thanks

    • Ed the mighty worldwide propaganda machine will make sure that mandela stays a hero or a god, it seems to fit into the overall plan somehow. My little efforts will be of no avail, it is like David and Goliath.

        • Hi François, thank you for pointing out that David won. However, funny enough I knew that, but I am no David, and do not seem to see how I can be David either, even if I wanted too. But I thank you for the words of encouragement. Please when watching the movie please keep in mind the things I said, you don’t have to believe it either, as I am not trying to change your thoughts, but at least, I know you have read the truth now, no matter what you believe. In closing I thank you for taking the time to read my article, more than that I cannot ask of you. François, be at peace, as you too have many problems in France, one of my favorite countries.