Tuesdays Likileake And The Food Pantry


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This Likileake And The Food Pantry

pantry-food-storageFood Pantry: There is a church across the street from us that provides many services to the community.  Their food pantry is probably the most popular.
Every Thursday I watch people driving new cars pull into the church parking lot to get sacks of free food.
I am not talking about homeless people dressed in rags here.  I am talking about people driving new cars and wearing moderate to expensive clothing.
My wife and I spend close to $100 a week on groceries and other household items.  We don’t get free food from a church or any other organization.  We are very blessed that we can make ends meet without outside help.
I just wonder how many of those people hauling off all that free food really need it verses how many of them go and get it just because it’s free.

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  1. I would not be able to sleep at night, knowing that I took food that would keep a family from having food
    On their table to feed their children, just because I knew it was free, no questions asked! These people
    Who take food that DO NOT NEED IT, need to remember that “what goes around comes back around”,
    And when it does, they may need the food that someone else has taken. Think about it people, don’t
    Be selfish, make a donation to a food pantry, they never have enough. If you don’t need it, leave it for
    Those who do!