Tuesdays Likileake Fast, When and Where ?


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This Likileake Fast, When and Where?


faf044Fast, When and Where: We are truly a spoiled society.  We want for example our food to be prepared fast, we want it when we are hungry, and we want it wherever we may be at the given moment.  Is it any wonder the fast food restaurant business is a billion dollar a year industry.

We want our Internet connection to be fast, when and where we want it and get angry when we can’t have it.  Thus the Internet service provider that can answer our beck and call gets the gold.

There is a Country song that says, “This killing time is killing me.”  Tell that to a cancer patient who only has a year to live.  We place the importance of speed at the top of our list of priorities and yet as the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  I love it when the press says an artist is an over night sensation.

Then reality sets in and come to find out the overnight sensation took 20 years to get there.

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  1. EXCELLENT KEITH….how true it is. Keep these column coming ….really great stuff. Rhon