Steve Moore Resigns As CEO Of The CMA



The following is not good news, at least not to me.  Steve Moore is an old friend of mine, and what he has done for the Country Music Association has been instrumental in bringing the association to the forefront of all music genre’s.  He will be sadly missed.  In my mind, no one resigns an office on such short notice unless there is health issues or possibly friction in the ranks.  I have always known Steve Moore to be his own man and his leadership has been so important to our industry, so I will wonder what went wrong.  Then wondering who will replace Steve is really scary, because following in the shoes of Steve’s guidance, will be something that all of us in the industry will be on edge about.  Maybe not all of us, but those who care for the direction that Steve was leading CMA, will be something that I will watch closely. There are some who would never be able to fill his shoes, or guide CMA with the attention it needs to compete in today’s music world.

To Steve, I wish him continued success, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will move forward to greater heights.  He was always there for me with my concerns for country music and never turned down my requests to meet with me, so we shall see, but I look for greater things to happen in the life and career of Steve Moore.

Marty Martel

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