Is Mandela Being Kept Alive For Picture With Obama’s


Is Mandela Being Kept Alive For Picture With Obama?

Here are some of the latest comments found in South African social media pages & newspapers:

  • Once Obama has been for a visit the life supporting machines will be plugged out. Go in peace Nelson!
  • Mandela is being kept alive until Obama’s leaves the country. The ANC does not know how to handle one big event, never mind handling two!
  • Mandelas daughter says it doesnt look good(he s not better ) BUT Zuma says he s better.WHO is telling the truth?
  • How ironic that according to Zuma, Madiba is suddenly better as Obama touches down……
  • Obama heads to South Africa to announce the long awaited bad news so that he can tell Americans he was there when mandela died. Publicity stunt.
  • Obama please hide your wallet,phones & jewellery in a safe place because Zuma will clean u up,ask SA tax payers if u don’t believe me.
  • I have said it over and over again over the past three long weeks , the anc/zuma circus have stage managed and manipulated the declining health of Madiba for their own ends. Madiba will “be with us ” only until after Obama has come and gone…………
  • Obama is no big deal. He and zuma birds of a feather running their country to the ground he is worse than bush. Cry baby bullies
  • Oh, that’s the reason – the family are keeping him on the machine until Obama has visited so they can all meet Obama. it is so obvious now! Silly me.
  • The real vultures are his money grabbing extended family who don’t deserve any sympathy! Obviously being very well trained by the person who loves tyres and matches!!
  • Does obama not feel safe as he has 456 body guards? Ag shame, why bother come to da place that he won’t feel as one of them, he is African and one of us after all whatis he afraid of
  • The media by nature are vultures its their job to report, nothing can escape that. But shame on “Makaziwe Mandela says Foreign Journalists are racist” for playing the race card at such a time, has she leant nothing of what her father has been trying to teach the world all of his life.
  • So the family of Madiba are waiting for Obama to visit Madiba b4 they can switch the machine how convenient.What’s so special about his visit anyway.

Well hope you found the comments interesting.

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  1. if mandela was really an illuminati then he did great things for the Global,what about Zuma who is not illuminati but he is selfish and arrogant