Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham On Top Of The World

allenmartydonna(Nashville, TN-6.26.13)  Duet team of Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham (Century II Records) have hit pay dirt once again by going #1 on the following charts:

New Music Weekly Indie Chart

Top 200 Radio ShowJapan’s prestigious radio chart 

GTE Top 75 Country

European Country Music Chart  (ECMA)

Indie World

They are #4 on the New Music Weekly Charts and moving quickly to this charts top spot also.  Allen & Donna are beginning to knock down doors of recognition with their releases as solo artists and as super duet partners.  Shades of Tammy and George.

Perseverance, performance, and production are giving them a great opportunity to be heard by more and more radio stations and fans.  They were a part of this year’s CMA Music Fest, singing at the Nashville Songwriters gatherings on several days.  Their attendance at this year’s R.O.P.E.’s Breakfast with the Stars they were very visible throughout the event, and as a result have gained new fans to listen to their music.

Response here in the U.S. is growing rapidly, and in Europe, Allen and Donna are gaining major media attention with their music. They are in the works of establishing another European Tour for the fall of this year or a Spring tour in 2014.

Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham are driving the main roads of country music, as they keep their promise to themselves and to their fans and DJ’s, that they are country.  They send their sincere thanks and gratitude to all DJ’s and media worldwide for your continuous support and the success that they are enjoying.

Marty Martel

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS for your teamwork, Marty, Donna, Allen. It brings me joy to see Allen & Donna’s songs on charts, and many at #1. I know our mutual friend James (in Heaven) is as proud of you as I am. May God keep smiling on you 3 , your music and family. Rhon