Mondays Likileake Warns Us About Things We Say


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This Likileake Warns Us About The Things We Say?


a-man-and-his-wordsWatch what you say: With today’s media coverage, social networking, and cell phones, it is more important than ever to watch what you say.  Every major network has apologized over and over again recently for broadcasting inaccurate information concerning the recent Boston Marathon bombing.

It is almost as if the channel that can sensationalize the event the most is the one that gets the most views and thus lays the problem.  If you are watching a network with coverage that is boring you instantly switch over to a different channel where there is some action.  News reporters that announce an update and have to constantly reiterate that the update is unconfirmed would be far better off not saying it at all is my opinion.

To over simplify the circumstance it is like giving candy to a baby and then taking it away.  In the defense of all the networks I must say however that their untiring efforts should be commended.  I know of one announcer that stayed up for 72 hours unselfishly to bring us the latest news.


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