Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Captured Following Manhunt


The Face Of Evil What Else Can It Be There Is No Excuse For Bombing Civilians

Now if only these two brothers appreciated the freedom and opportunity they were handed on a plate in the United States, they would still be alive today. Further more they would have been at liberty to enjoy a burger at Burger King or watch a movie at the local movie theatre today. They could have slept in their beds tonight and looked forward to a peaceful weekend and gone for a walk in a park on Sunday. If they believed in God they could even have attended Church on Sunday. Maybe they would have wanted to stay home and watch something on TV in the safety of their home last night. There was also a possibility that they may have been invited to a barbecue today by one of their friends and would of had a good time.

However all the things I mentioned above, which most people take for granted, these two brothers could have done this weekend, yet as you all know by now, they will never get to do. For some reason or other they decided to blow up innocent people at a sports event, without any thought of the loss and terrible heartache and grief they would bring to hundreds of people by their unexplained actions.

All they had to do was not to do what they did and their lives would still have been great, as well as  the victims of their terrible actions. Everyone of their victims who lost a limb or a life would still be fine, and those who died by their actions would still be with their loved ones this weekend, and this whole terrible deed would not have happened and we would all have been spared this  heart breaking evil and tragic event.

fool_saidI cannot help thinking that since America banned God, from most of their public places, including probably the most important place of all their Schools, they have had way to many natural disasters, and now even another terrorist attack and not even to mention the blast in Texas.

If all this is happening because America has turned away from God then more and more disasters could befall the people of the United States. I don’t know if it’s just because I am concerned for my friends in America, but I have never in my entire lifetime heard of so many disasters in so short a time as right now.

I am also confused by the comments made by The President of America, in Boston he quotes passages from the Bible, yet in Washington he bans God from all public places. All I can say is we as people may be fools and easily fooled, but God is without a doubt no fool, and can and will never be fooled by our actions.

When someone says “God Bless The America” they have to  mean it, and above all believe in God, if not, they are just empty words.

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  1. Thanks Judy, you are truly a dedicated lady to your country, your friends, and have a pure heart. Yes, God continue to bless America. Rhon

  2. There is not too much more to add, as Frans and Rhonnie have said everything I would have said; however I just want to say I’m so happy that both my friends speak up for what they believe and go the extra mile in order that others may be helped and inspired. God bless America…. and I truly mean it!

  3. There are no words that can properly express the grief all those affected by the Boston marathon have gone through. I have spoken to many folks in USA and over seas, or received emails that reflect how proud Americans are of how the FBI, Police, Firefighters, people in office in Boston, Massachusetts , hospitals, Fox TV and some other channels helped. For an event that the community looked so forward to, and enjoyed for years, the worst nightmare occurred. 2 young men who had tasted the beauty of living in the USA, were treated royally , turned on our beautiful country and did the unbelievable with bombs, guns and hatred towards our people. Innocent people were killed, others received horrible injuries during the Marathon race, and in other places these 2 men attacked.

    Some people participated in the race, others were part of the crowd expecting to root their favorite runners on. I for one am extremely grateful the way the Boston hospitals, doctors, nurses and over all staff saved many from dying, & others getting and still receiving great care. I watched as wheel chairs were pushed by nurses and others to get these people to the hospitals ASAP. I am sure many people were kept alive due to this. NOW we must be more aware of what is going on around us, and any suspicious people, or items planted to create havoc, and killing innocent people of all ages, or injuring them beyond belief. We are a PROUD NATION, with majority of people God fearing.

    Thanks to Frans for his web site and all he, Cathy and others involved with this site do to keep us posted. It is time many respond to this article above, never allow fear to stop you from helping others, or being honest in how you feel. We never know when bad things can happen, but we can have courage, and feeling for others, and genuinely want to be there for them. A thought went through my mind as I watched on TV, read newspaper reports to remind others to seek Jesus if they haven’t already…. no one knows how much time they have on earth, and if they will wake up to a new morning. Time for us to bring God back to where he belongs in government, schools, and all places that have closed the doors on him. I invite you to read the greatest book in the world the BIBLE , go to John 3:16 . Rhonnie